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Is Oxygen Therapy Helpful During Detox?

Fitday Editor
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If you are looking to do a full detox on your body, oxygen therapy is one of the methods that you can use to get optimal results. Oxygen, especially the pure oxygen provided to you through oxygen therapy, is one of the best things for your body. However, if you're looking to detoxify your body and clear the toxins that are present inside of you, oxygen can be even more beneficial.

How Oxygen Therapy Helps During Detox

When you detox your body, the key is to get rid of toxins and clear out anything that's not meant to be there. Oxygen therapy can give you energy and help you burn off some of the toxins. Whether you're looking to get rid of any excess carbon dioxide that's built up in the body or you want to make sure that there is no lactic acid in your muscles, you need a large amount of fresh oxygen to help get rid of these things. A large amount of oxygen in your body can also help bring up your internal temperature to help you burn off excess calories. When you take in a lot of oxygen, your body can absorb vitamins and nutrients more efficiently and create more white blood cells. Your white blood cells work to fight off harmful bacteria in your body. These are just a few of the ways that an abundance of oxygen in your system can actually if you're going through a detox.

How Oxygen Therapy Works During Detox

If you're interested in using oxygen therapy during your next detox, there are oxygen therapists that can help you get the right dosage of oxygen. Getting oxygen therapy is quick and painless, too. All you need to do is spend a short period of time breathing in oxygen directly from an oxygen tank through a mask. However, if you're uncomfortable doing this or simply don't have a local oxygen therapist, you can try some simple deep breathing techniques to get more oxygen into your body. Do this by breathing in as much air as you can, holding it and then slowly releasing the air back out. Do this 15 to 20 times and, for best results, complete the breathing outdoors in the fresh air.

Using Oxygen Therapy With Other Techniques

Doing a full detoxification of your body requires more than just oxygen therapy. To help your body get back into great shape, try incorporating oxygen therapy alongside techniques like fasting and hyperthermia to flush your system of any and all toxins. It will help your body prepare to fight against illnesses and will cause you to feel better than ever. You can also continue to use oxygen therapy after your detox, to keep your body filled with plenty of oxygen and prevent toxins from building back up in the future.

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