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Is Jogging between Weight Lifting Sets Healthy?

Fitday Editor

If you are weightlifting to gain strength, there's a good chance you're jogging, too, because you realize that trimming the extra fat off your frame will make you appear even stronger. Good for you and way to understand that jogging is just as important to looking and staying healthy as weightlifting is. However, if you are weightlifting and jogging at the same time, you may want to reconsider the way you are doing things. While jogging between sets during a weightlifting session isn't detrimental to your health, it's also not necessarily the best way to do things. Rather, try to set aside time to do both weightlifting and jogging during your gym session to make the most out of your workouts. It'll benefit you and your body and prevent you from hurting yourself during your time at the gym.

Why You Might Not Want to Jog While Weightlifting

Your thought process behind why you would want to jog between weightlifting sets does make some sense. So many weightlifters fail to incorporate any cardio into their workouts and suffer as a result. But during weightlifting, the time that you have between sets, albeit very short, is supposed to give your body a brief window of time to rest and recuperate before you hit the weights again. During this time, oxygen transports throughout your body to your muscles to give them a chance to recuperate momentarily. Then, you go back to weightlifting and work them hard again. This produces good results. If you are jogging between sets, though, you are not allowing your body to send oxygen to the muscles that you are working out. Instead, you are working a completely different set of muscles. You are also probably not getting the cardio that you need by jogging for just a few moments at a time during weightlifting. You want to devote a larger portion of your time to jogging to get the best results from it.

A Better Way to Do Both Jogging and Weightlifting

Jogging is a great way to compliment your weightlifting schedule. However, rather than add jogging to your actual weightlifting agenda, try to plan your workouts out and leave yourself enough time to get some cardio or jogging into the mix. Rather than jogging between sets, complete your weightlifting workout, give yourself a few moments to relax and then hit the track to get some jogging in. Make sure you stay hydrated by drinking water throughout your weightlifting session. In addition to providing a solid cardio workout, jogging can also help your body break down the lactic acid that forms in your muscles during a weightlifting session.

If you went particularly hard in the gym, you may have some trouble using your arms or whatever muscle group you used while jogging, but you cannot harm yourself any further by keeping your heart rate up and burning additional calories by jogging. In fact, jogging, if nothing else, is a great cool down after a hard weightlifting session.

While it may not be terribly unhealthy for you, jogging between sets while weightlifting is not always an effective cardio exercise. Try and save the jogging for after your weightlifting session to maximize the results you'll get from it.

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