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Is Cardio Dance a Beneficial Women's Fitness Program?

Fitday Editor
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The best women's fitness programs should incorporate variety and entertainment, and cardio dance successfully encompasses both of these elements. Shaking your hips to a hip-hop or Latino music playlist can get your heart rate up and work your muscles in ways you wouldn't imagine. The group element of the exercise helps keep you motivated long enough to successfully burn a good chunk of calories. Look to an instructor-led cardio dance class to learn a good inventory of moves and techniques, and then work on practicing those exercises on your own. Blend a few cardio dance classes a week with weight-lifting routines or long runs to obtain a successful cross-training exercise plan.

Keeping You Entertained

A good cardio dance class often feels more like a fun night out than a grueling hour at the gym. Intimidation and boredom can often be the biggest roadblocks to engaging women in effective cardio workouts, and a dance-based routine can mitigate both of these obstacles. Running five miles on a treadmill can seem like a daunting task, but bouncing around to energetic music seems much more accessible.

Similarly, setting out to pedal for 40 minutes on a stationary bike or run on the treadmill seems far too boring to sustain many women in their workout plans. Conversely, an hour of dancing goes by significantly more quickly, quickly transitioning you from one combo to the next. The practice of trying to learn and execute the different steps will keep your mind occupied and eyes off the clock. Be sure to enroll in a cardio dance class that keeps you constantly on the move and your heart rate up. You'll be able to measure its benefit by the sweat pouring off of you at the end of it.

Give Your Different Muscle Groups a Workout

While running or biking workouts concentrate heavily on leg muscles, cardio dancing incorporates a bit more diversity. In addition to giving you a strong aerobic workout, it tones and shapes muscles through the impact and unique movements. Most cardio dance classes require you to move arms and legs simultaneously, leaving no muscle group ignored. Additionally, your core will be strengthened in trying to keep balance and maintain the form of these contrasting movements. Be sure to pump arms vigorously and step high and wide to get the most that this workout has to offer. Stretching and extending your limbs in each movement will promote agility and flexibility as well.

Don't Do It Alone

Many women prefer working out with a community but have trouble finding someone who matches their speed or strength. A dance cardio class automatically provides that sense of companionship in working out, but without unnecessarily slowing you down. Everyone has to keep up in

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