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How to Exercise with Oxygen Therapy

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By using exercise with oxygen therapy, you may be able to enjoy a variety of different benefits. As you may or may not know, the oxygen that you breathe every day is not pure oxygen. But when you use exercise with oxygen therapy (or EWOT, as it's sometimes called) you deliver oxygen that's purer straight into your system and deliver an immediate impact to your body.

How Exercise With Oxygen Therapy Works

Exercise with oxygen therapy works because it allows your body to get more oxygen into it during your workouts. It's relatively easy to use exercise with oxygen therapy, too. All you need to do is purchase an oxygen generator for your home gym or go to a gym that offers exercise with oxygen therapy training. An oxygen generator is basically a device that helps take the air in a room and strip it of any nitrogen that's present. As a result of doing this, the oxygen that you breathe when you're running on your treadmill at home is more pure than the oxygen that you normally breathe. The process of using exercise with oxygen therapy is actually not all that different from your normal workout routine. The only thing different is that the air that you're taking in is much more pure and beneficial to your body.

How Exercise With Oxygen Therapy Helps

Many athletes have started sleeping in chambers that release nothing but pure oxygen, because they feel better the next morning, get a better rest and report being less sore than they used to be after sleeping in a regular bed at home. It also helps you when you work out, though. Exercise with oxygen therapy can provide your body with more energy during workouts, which can help you to push yourself and burn more calories than ever before. The air you breathe in during exercise with oxygen therapy can also help you rebuild and restore your muscles later on. Outside of the benefits you'll get working out using exercise with oxygen therapy, some studies have also shown it can help your health by helping your body fight off illnesses and prevent diseases like cancer, diabetes and even chronic fatigue. It can give your immune system a boost and help you lose weight over time. These are just a few of the ways that exercise with oxygen therapy can benefit you immediately.

Using Exercise With Oxygen Therapy

Though brand-new oxygen generators are expensive, exercise with oxygen therapy is becoming increasingly more popular around the country. If you feel as though exercise with oxygen therapy could help your body benefit more from exercise, you can probably find a gym in your area that offers exercise with oxygen therapy. Try using it to maximize your workouts and to help your body recover more quickly. Exercise with oxygen therapy will help your body make the most of the oxygen that you're putting into it.

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