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How to Burn More Calories Walking

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Walking is one of the best exercises you can do if you're looking to maintain a consistent workout regimen. People rarely find themselves becoming bored with walking, mainly because it doesn't feel as unnatural or forced as spending 30 minutes or more on a piece of gym equipment. If you're serious about burning calories, you need to take certain steps to make your walking workout as effective as possible. Follow these tips for the most efficient walking workout.

1. Step One: Pick Up the Pace

If you want to burn more calories while you walk, you need to make sure that you're walking at a brisk pace. While it will certainly help you relax and unwind, taking a leisurely stroll isn't going to do much for your waistline. You need to kick it up a notch. You should walk at a brisk pace that allows you to carry on a conversation, but it should take some effort. Make sure you're moving your arms as you walk. This comes naturally to most people. Remember, to burn calories while you walk it should feel like you're putting some effort into it. When you get home after your walk you should feel like you've just worked out.

2. Step Two: Track Your Steps

Sign up for a FitDay Diet and Weight Loss Journal. Based on your speed and walking distance, you can see how many calories you burn on your walks. Awareness is the first step toward making any changes. Once you know your baseline, you can increase your speed or distance (or both) to ensure you're burning more calories during your walking workouts. Aim to amp up your walking workout every week or so.

3. Step Three: Add Some Incline

The best way to burn more calories while walking is to walk on an incline. Walking on a flat surface will only get you so far. Furthermore, walking on an incline keeps things interesting. If you live in a city, look to walk through a neighborhood that has lots of streets on an incline. If you want a change in scenery, take a walk in a park that has several hills. If you're fortunate enough to live near the mountains or a hiking trail, use either of those for your walking exercise several days a week.

4. Step Four: Add in Intervals

Just as you can do with any form of cardio exercise, you can add intervals to your walking exercise. Change your speed every couple of minutes. For the first three to five minutes walk at a warm-up pace. Then, pick up your pace for five to eight minutes. After that, feel free to speed it up. You should feel like you're almost jogging. From there, slow it back down. Switch between a very fast pace and a moderate pace for the remainder of your workout. You'll scorch calories this way.

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