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Choosing the Best Group Fitness Classes

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There's no better way to shake up your fitness routine than by joining the group fitness classes available at your local gym or recreational center. Group fitness classes are great for getting you out of the house, introducing you to a new set of people and allowing you to try a new kind of exercise that you might not practice on your own. If you're stuck in a rut on your treadmill, hop off and join any one of these fun group fitness classes:


Pilates is a form of body conditioning and strength training that focuses on developing the core muscles of the body. It's an excellent choice for people who are rehabbing after surgery or an accident, or who experience chronic back pain. It's also a great choice for a group exercise class, because you want to work with an instructor who can correct your form. Most experts agree that you should take Pilates first as a class, where you can learn the basic form, and then practice on your own at home.


Yoga is a fun group fitness class that has the added benefit of helping reduce your stress levels and allowing you to focus, aligning heart and mind. Yoga is another great group fitness class where you have the benefit of an instructor leading you through the poses and correcting your form. An instructor will also lead you through guided meditation at the close of each class.


Zumba is less like a class, and more like a party. It's a blend of Latin dance moves and a vigorous cardio workout. The fun of Zumba is getting to dance and enjoy yourself in an environment that's lively and encouraging. Definitely something best enjoyed in a group setting.

Belly Dancing

Belly dancing is an excellent choice for a group class. You will tone your abs, get a good workout and receive feedback from a trained instructor who can correct your technique and form. Many belly dance classes offer a recital with student participation at the end of the class.


Spinning is a form of cycling coached by an instructor on specialized exercise bikes. The instructor will lead you through a series of exercises designed to elevate your heart rate and give you a thorough cardio workout.

Water Aerobics

Another great group fitness class is water aerobics, in which you perform aerobic routines in shallow or deep water, depending on the class. Water aerobics is perfect for anyone with arthritis, injuries or who desires a no-impact cardio workout.

The key to finding the best group fitness classes is simple: find one you like and stick to it. A good group fitness class will welcome newcomers and embrace everyone regardless of ability. The instructor will tailor the class to include people of all fitness levels, from the newbie who wandered in to the veteran who never misses a class. A good instructor will always correct your form and technique and will offer constant encouragement. Never stick around for a class that makes you feel left out or slow. Once you find a class that offers you joy and encouragement as well as fitness, make it a regular part of your routine!

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