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Cardio Kickboxing: Increase Intensity, Burn Fat, Lose Weight

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Cardio kickboxing has become an extremely popular way of working out at numerous fitness centers today. This workout is borrowed from the Thai sport of kickboxing martial arts, which allows participants to engage in a full body work out and work up a sweat. A cardio kickboxing workout usually involves performing a series of punches and kicks to the beat of quick stepping music. The moves are worked on as swiftly executed combinations.

This kind of exercise is currently the closest thing to a complete body workout. The initial stages of this form of exercise helps to burn the fat from different parts of the body. When most of the fat has been burned and a lot of weight has been lost, it then starts to develop the muscles in the body and shape them.


  • Kicks- The kicks play a big role in strengthening the legs. This is especially true when it comes to the thigh and hamstring muscles.
  • Knee moves- There are different knee moves in cardio kickboxing which can hep to firm abdominal muscles. These also help to make the torso a straight and solid base. This is great for helping to perform other everyday activities like lifting things.
  • Punches and jabs- When it comes to the upper body, these are what can help shape the back and shoulders. Performing these punches and jabs can help strengthen and tone shoulder and back muscles.

Performing the kicks and punches with appropriate power and precision will help to strengthen not just the lower body, but the upper body as well. Cardio kickboxing also involves a lot of jumping, twists and turns. This ensures that the whole body is put through a rigorous workout. Besides burning calories, it also increases muscle definition in almost all areas of the body.

Benefits to the Heart

In addition to burning calories and altering the outside appearance of a person's body, cardio kickboxing can also help the internal system. This kind of exercise helps to speed up the flow of blood circulation to muscles in all parts of the body. The constant jumping, weaving and bobbing, along with punches and kicks, results in the heart staying elevated for the whole session. However, the level at which it is elevated mostly depends on the intensity of the class.

Another wonderful thing about cardio kickboxing is that it is a way to release stress and aggression. This makes the workout ideal for many, as it can help purge excess energy in a healthy way. To get the best results from cardio kickboxing, it is important to follow it regularly.

Fortunately, it is not necessary to join a class to take up this form of exercise. You can also buy a cardio kickboxing DVD and follow the routines on it. Cardio kickboxing is an exciting way to burn fat and lose weight!

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