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Biking: The Best Cardio-Aerobic Exercise

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From the time you were a child, biking has most likely been a part of your life and a popular activity you turn to for fitness and fun. You probably started off with a tricycle, then progressed to a bike with training wheels, and before you knew it, those training wheels were off and you were a seasoned biker. The good news is that biking is not only an enjoyable hobby, it is also a great form of exercise and one of the best cardio-aerobic exercises out there.

Benefits of Biking

By hopping on a bike, either outdoors or in a gym, you are improving your endurance, fitness abilities and your cardiovascular health. What's more is that you are also toning and working every muscle in your leg, enhancing your lower body strength and creating muscle definition. Biking burns an abundance of calories and revs up your metabolism, which means this form of exercise also fights fat and facilitates your weight loss efforts.

Easy on Your Joints

Another huge benefit of biking is that the sport is kind to your joints, and unlike running and other high impact activities, it will not likely lead to knee complications. Provided you don't fall off your bike or have an unfortunate accident, this movement will not lead to injury. Biking is a great physical activity regardless of your age or medical condition. If you suffer from chronic pain or arthritis, it is a preferred method of exercise. Biking could even be beneficial during rehabilitation, as long as you follow your therapist's orders and don't overexert yourself.


Biking is an extremely versatile activity and can be performed pretty much anywhere. A perfect weekend activity would be to take the family on a nice long bike ride. You can mix up your routes so it never gets old--bike along the beach, a park, or even through the mountains if you're extremely adventurous. Biking is the perfect exercise if you're on vacation, as you will be able to check out some undiscovered scenery while fitting in a workout. You can also join a biking group, and even gather up some friends and start your own biking club.

You can also use a stationary bike in a gym, or purchase one for your home, and reap the same fitness and health benefits. Another great way to fit biking into your fitness routine is to participate in a spinning class. This class offers you an intense biking experience, and the chance to follow an experienced instructor who will ensure you challenge yourself and burn maximum calories. The class, which is at least an hour long, combines strenuous climbs with short sprints, and is the ultimate biking workout. Each bike contains a knob that controls intensity, enabling you to add and take away resistance as you choose.

The Best

In order to get the best cardio-aerobic workout while biking, it is important you challenge yourself during each biking session. You should continue to increase the resistance and duration of each workout as your biking plan progresses. If you're biking outdoors, add some hills to your route. If you're on a stationary bike, continue to crank up the level. If you're taking a spinning class, don't be afraid to turn that knob to right and add more resistance. To burn the most calories, your biking workout should leave you short of breath and drenched in sweat.

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