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Add Cardio to Pilates for a Fat Burning Workout

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A cardio pilates workout is one of the best ways to lose fat and build muscles. This new form of exercise involves combining cardio with a pilates workout. With cardio pilates, you can burn calories and develop your muscles at the same time.

Pilates emphasizes on precision and quality of movement. This makes it extremely important to focus on getting the movements right. Pilates helps to develop lean and long muscles. However, before developing these muscles, it is important to burn excess fat in the body. You can achieve this by combining cardio with pilates.

Cardio Helps to Burn Calories Faster

Many scientific reports and studies have shown that regular cardio exercises are important for a healthy lifestyle. This is because cardio exercises can reduce body weight, high cholesterol and blood pressure. Most people tend to burn fat at a faster rate by burning calories through cardio exercises. It is easier to tone the muscles after losing excess body fat. Experts suggest a 20 minute cardio workout before you start with pilates.

Pilates Tones Your Body

Pilates is suitable for everyone. You can start with pilates for beginners and then move on to advanced levels. Pilates is completely different from cardio. It focuses on developing balance throughout the body. It also helps to increase stamina and train different muscle groups at the same time.

Pilates works by focusing on the 'powerhouse' of the body i.e. the abdomen, hips, buttocks and lower body. You can burn calories and tone your body by working out on mats and other pilates equipment. Pilates helps you develop flexibility and strength, without adding muscle bulk.

Using Cardio in a Pilates Workout

There are different ways to include cardio in a pilates routine. It mainly involves adding some cardio exercises to pilates mats and equipment like jump boards and rebounders. Cardio exercises should be done before pilates. Cardio exercises start the process of burning calories and increase the heart rate. This makes it possible to create calorie deficiency. The calorie deficiency created this way is much higher than in any other regular work out. Combining cardio and pilates together helps to burn more calories and build longer, leaner muscles.

A cardio pilates workout helps in improving cardio vascular fitness, and it tones the body at the same time. Cardio Pilates helps you to improve your flexibility. The combined workout will also help you improve your posture.

Basic cardio Pilates workouts can be done by everyone. You can work on your abs, back, thighs and virtually every major muscle of your body with the help of cardio Pilates. You can even consider buying a cardio pilates board for regular workouts.

Whether you are an athlete or just starting off with exercise, you can benefit from a combined cardio pilates workout.

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