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5 Reasons You Need a Women's Fitness Program

Fitday Editor
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Implementing a specialized women's fitness program into your workout plan can give you success in your workouts. Losing weight and building muscle is the correct, healthy way to get in shape safely. Doing it the smart way ensures that the weight will stay off and that you can develop a consistent approach to living a healthy lifestyle.

It's a true but sobering fact that a woman's body is vastly different from a man's body. Therefore, the needs and requirements of the two are not the same. The quest to become fit for women must be approached slightly different than a man's angle. This further substantiates the fact that a women's fitness program must be different. A program dedicated to specializing in the needs of women is much more beneficial. Here are 5 reasons you need a women's fitness program to achieve your weight loss goals and build muscle according to your body type and composition.

1. Custom Workouts

A women's fitness program will have customized workouts and a specialized program. Gender-specific programs usually concentrate on certain body areas more than others and allow you to get the full benefit from your efforts. Whether the goal is to lose fat or trim inches, the workout plan laid out will cater to a woman's specific needs.

2. Bulking up

So you don't want to bulk up? Women generally don't. While men often pursue bulking up and gaining muscle mass, women are interested in sculpting, shaping and toning their bodies for efficient calorie-burning. A good workout program for women will embrace that goal and help you work towards it.

3. Physical Requirements

A woman's various physical needs and caloric requirements are taken into account when a fitness program is developed. When a woman experiences certain hormone cycles and elevations, her body will respond to calorie intake and muscle stimulation differently. This reaction will sometimes be positive and sometimes negative. Therefore, a woman's workout will take this into consideration in its design and allow for those times and situations where hormonal activity levels are elevated.

4. Weight Struggles

Most women struggle with losing weight, so women's fitness programs will concentrate heavily on those cardio and strength training exercises that work towards burning fat. There is likely going to be a solid but balanced mixed of a significant cardio workout coupled with light strength toning exercises. The weights will be light but the repetitions for each set will likely be high. Women don't have the desire to have large, rippling biceps, so it's not necessary to lift heavy weights aggressively.

5. Socialization

Although some women may discount it, a women's fitness program can be good socially and hold you accountable with your goals. Knowing that you're a part of a larger group may be motivation enough for you. You may have others who work out alongside you and help cheer you on, or maybe you're the cheerleader.

When you begin looking for a comprehensive women's fitness program, be sure to ask for a list of satisfied customers. Check to be certain that the fitness program has the experience, knowledge and resources to aid you in reaching your goals. Most women's fitness programs will outline in detail the features and benefits of their program.

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