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How to Train for a Female Fitness Competition

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When training for a female fitness competition, it's important to be equipped with the knowledge of how to train effectively. This helps maximize your potential and ensures that you arrive at the competition prepared. The aim is to get fit while lowering body fat and increasing muscle tone. At the beginning of the training period, make note of your body fat. The goal body fat ratio for females in training should be 12 percent. There are many different aspects of training to keep in mind in the period prior to a female fitness competition.


Research the particular qualities the judges will be focusing on during the competition. Criteria for fitness competitions can vary over time and between different competitions. When you are clear on the criteria of the competition you can focus on these areas during training. There is a focus on muscle tone and symmetry rather than muscle size. The competition is typically made up of a swimsuit round and a routine round. In the swimsuit round, competitors do a variety of poses wearing a swimsuit and high heels. The routine round consists of physical activities such as dance and gymnastics.

Fitness Program

Devise a fitness program that suits your individual needs and experience. Cardiovascular exercises are important to burn fat. Weight lifting should focus on repetitions to tone muscles rather than increasing muscle size. Keep a training log to document your fitness workouts. Having a schedule and knowing how to train effectively will maximize the time you spend training.


Training for a fitness competition takes hard work and dedication. Stay focused on your training schedule and stick to your diet. To keep motivated, be clear on your goals and reasons for entertaining the competition.


Devise a diet that is low in fat and caters to your nutritional needs. Eat at least 5 small meals a day and eat good fats like fish oil. Do not eat sugar or processed starches. Make sure you're drinking enough water to prevent dehydration. Eat high quality food. Nutrition is also dependent on how much exercise you're doing; to burn fat you need to be losing more calories during exercise than you're eating. Make a note of the calories that you eat during the day.


It's important to have periods of rest without training so that your muscles have a chance to repair. Sleep is important, as it helps your body to re-energize and recover from training. The optimum amount of sleep is 8 hours a night.

Monitor Your Progress

If you are not reaching your goals, change your fitness schedule and diet plan. Monitor your body fat and fitness level.

Final Week

In the final week before the female fitness competition, focus on your appearance. Apply tanning cream a few days before the competition. Tanning cream should accentuate muscle definition. Select and practice poses. Potassium supplements can be used on the competition day to decrease the chance of cramping.

Fitness Organizations

Joining a fitness organization can help provide advice on training and also provide motivation to train. You can meet other like minded people at a fitness organization which can have a positive effect on training.

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