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How Adrenaline Can Maximize Your Workout

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Adrenaline can be a very good thing for anyone working out in the gym. If you've ever been running on the treadmill or lifting a personal best weight on the bench press, you've probably used a shot of adrenaline to get the job done. Adrenaline is a hormone in your body that, when released, increases your heart rate and causes you to undergo the "fight or flight" procedure.

You often get a boost from adrenaline during particularly stressful moments in your life. If you've ever had to chase after someone or if you've ever been involved in a sporting event or any event in from of a large number of people, you've no doubt experienced the excitement and anxiety that comes along with adrenaline. When it comes to working out, though, you can actually use adrenaline to help yourself maximize your workout. Adrenaline can be useful in this way and can help you reach new heights.

How to Get an Adrenaline Rush

The problem with adrenaline is that it's not something that you're going to get to use during every single workout. So, you need to know how to focus and get to work when it does hit. Typically, you can force yourself to have an adrenaline rush when you try to switch up your routine. Rather than lifting the same weight you've been doing for weeks now, find a reliable spotter and try to increase the amount of weight that you're lifting.

If you are a runner, try something new that you've never done, like running up a steep hill or sprinting across a new terrain. These experiences should give you an adrenaline rush and force your body to react to a new situation. Again, you are not always going to have access to this adrenaline, so make the most of it and push yourself to get a great workout.

Using Adrenaline Properly

Once you've found out how to use adrenaline, it's time for you to use it to your advantage. You can do this by setting up a day every week or every other week where you push yourself to try something new. There will also be certain days where, for whatever reason, you're particularly pumped up to workout. This will usually result in an adrenaline rush. Use this adrenaline by working your butt off in the gym to get the desired results you're looking for. You can maximize your workout by completing strong sets or pushing through an extra mile or two on the treadmill. You won't get this feeling often, so use it to your advantage in order to maximize your workout.

Artificial Adrenaline

Some people get addicted to the adrenaline they got during a workout and turn to artificial forms of adrenaline to get a solid workout every time. Adrenaline is not meant to be used all the time, though, and this could lead to potentially dangerous results for you. Try to avoid using any type of artificial adrenaline to maximize your workouts. It could be dangerous for you. Rather, use adrenaline when you have it to get the most out of your workouts. It'll benefit both you and your body.

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