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Achieve Total Body Fitness With These 3 Techniques

Fitday Editor

Combining different methods of exercise is the best way to achieve total body fitness. By using strength training, stretching and cardiovascular exercises, you will work different muscle groups and effectively tone and strengthen your body to prevent sports and stress related injuries. Achieving total body fitness should be focused on achieving a good lung capacity, a healthy heart, an ideal BMI and strong, lean muscles.

The best way to gain total body fitness is to work on one kind of exercise daily. By alternating your workouts, you can give your muscles and tendons the chance to heal and recover before the next workout. This will allow you to have more strength and better work your muscles when you do workout. Here is how to achieve total body fitness:

Technique 1: Cardiovascular Workouts

Begin one day one with a cardiovascular workout. This can be any cardio activity that gets your heart pumping, increases your air intake and gets your blood moving. Ideal choices are:

  • brisk walking
  • jogging
  • cycling
  • sports
  • aerobics
  • workout machines

You should try and vary your cardio workouts for the best results so that you workout and tone different areas of the body. If you are new to cardio workouts, look into different options at your local gym, community center or community college. Many places offer fun cardio classes like dance, water aerobics and other group sports and fitness classes that may be interesting to you and help to get you involved and interested in cardio workouts.

Technique 2: Strength Training Workouts

On day two, you will want to focus on strength training. Create a weight lifting program that you can stick with by combining several exercises that work different areas of your body. One common myth is that lifting weights will cause you to bulk up, however, by lifting weights and increasing your lean muscle mass, you will burn more fat, increase your bone density and create a more shapely, toned body.

Increasing your muscle strength is a key factor to creating total body fitness. Use free weight, body resistance exercises or even household objects like cans of soup to get you started on strength training and work your way up.

Technique 3: Toning and Stretching Workouts

On the third day of your workout routine, you should spend at least one hour dedicated to stretching, yoga or Pilates. This will help you to avoid injury by increasing your balance, relaxing your muscles and organs, and strengthening your tendons and joints. Try different stretching routines (and yoga or Pilates workouts) until you find one that suits you.

Repeat the Process

After three days alternating between these three workouts, start at the beginning again with cardio and work your way though all three again. Once you begin to strengthen and tone your body, you will begin to recognize the effects of all your hard work. For the best results, you will want to vary your workouts within each group, selecting different strength training and cardio workouts to continuously strengthen and build your muscles.

Follow these steps to be on the path to total body fitness now and enjoy your new, well-sculpted physique and improved health in no time!

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