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A Weight Gain Food List for Bulking Up

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Are you looking for a weight gain food list for bulking up? It's good to look into this type of thing because gaining weight is directly linked to caloric intake. If you don't eat enough food and get enough calories, gaining weight is next to impossible.

Taking supplements and pills alone will not be be enough to gain the weight you need without a diet focused on upping your intake of calories. There are good ways and bad way to go about this and eating foods such as cookies, chips and cakes will certainly up your calorie count, but not in the way you want it to. Focusing on a diet rich with proteins and quality food will meet the task at hand in a healthy way.

When choosing what foods to eat, stick with a diet that gives about 50% of your calorie intake from proteins, especially lean proteins.

Here is a weight gain food list for bulking up:


A large portion of your diet should consist of lean proteins from sources such as:

  • fish as in salmon, cod, or tuna
  • red meats as in lean ground beef and lean steaks
  • turkey and chicken
  • dairy products like milk, cottage cheese and low-fat yogurts
  • legumes
  • ham
  • eggs
  • pork
  • tofu
  • lamb
  • protein supplements in the form of whey protein and soy protein supplements.


About 40% of your diet should consist of various forms of carbohydrates and you can get this from foods such as:

  • oatmeal
  • fruits
  • whole grain cereal and bread
  • pasta
  • brown rice
  • vegetables like corn, broccoli and green beans
  • Snacking on pretzels
  • legumes like lima beans, kidney beans, soybeans and chick peas.


You will only need about 10% of your diet intake to consist of fat sources. These would include foods such as:

  • olive oil
  • almonds
  • peanuts and peanut butter
  • sunflower and safflower oils
  • avocados and walnuts

These are all commonly known healthy fats.


No matter how disciplined you are, every now and then we all need a little snack and it's best to keep it healthy. Snacking on these are all good choices when trying to bulk up. You will want to eat items such as:

  • beef jerky
  • nuts
  • apples
  • protein bars
  • baked (not fried) potato chips
  • pretzels

    Full Meal Replacements

    Meal replacements are also of vital importance when looking into a weight gain food list for bulking up. These are complete meals designed for people looking to bulk up. Supplements only aid in speeding the process along with a proper diet. Meal replacements are powdered drinks mixes that are used in place of a full meal. They offer all of the nutrients and calories needed for a high caloric diet.

    This is not to say that using meal replacements alone is enough to gain the weight you want. They are a replacement for one or two meals a day only but must be combined with a healthy, planned diet along with supplements.

    There are a lot of options available when looking at a weight gain food list for bulking up that can be a solid foundation to a healthy high calorie diet. Just remember to be smart about when you eat certain foods during the day.

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