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4 Ways Your Phone Is Ruining Your Body and Mind

There’s no doubt that we love our smartphones. Our source of news, communication, entertainment, and so much more, there’s little they can’t do these days. But for everything that’s great about our phones, how are they hurting us? The answers might surprise you.

Stress on Your Neck and Spine

These days, you don’t need to work a laborious job to have back and neck problems. No, they’re par for the course when you use your smartphone too much. “Tech neck,” “text neck,” whatever you call it — our smartphones are straining our upper bodies. When you’re staring down at your phone throughout the day, you’re putting dozens of pounds of pressure on your neck. That’s obviously not good. The good news is that there’s an easy fix: hold your smartphone a little higher up.

Eye Strain

Are your eyes dry, tired, and having a hard time focusing? Eye strain from looking at a screen for too long isn’t anything new; it’s something that’s been affecting people since the advent of personal computers. In fact, it even has a medical name: computer vision syndrome, or CVS. And now that everyone has a computer in their pocket, it’s something worth thinking about. While CVS doesn’t seem to have any long-term effects, its immediate symptoms aren’t very pleasant. To reduce your eyestrain, simply take a break from the screen for a minute every half hour or so.

Mental Health Effects

Too much of anything is bad for you, and that’s especially true when it comes to technology. When anything and everything is available at the touch of a finger, that’s a recipe for distraction — something that affects us even when we’re not on our phones. For example, how many times a day do you check your phone to see if you’ve received any notifications? That’s nothing to say of the effect social media can have on self-esteem, especially when internet bullying is involved.

Worse Quality Sleep

If you have a habit of playing on your phone before bed, you might want to rethink your habits. Smartphone screens emit a blue light that, when viewed at night, can trick the brain into thinking it’s still daytime outside. So, when you’re scrolling through your feeds right before falling asleep, you’re less likely to have the quality, well-rested sleep you need. While smartphone apps that block some of that blue light can help with that issue, you’re probably better off picking up a book — the old-fashioned paper kind — instead.

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