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4 Ways Technology Is Already Changing How You Exercise

Technology continues to change our world in more ways than we could never imagine. While these changes can occur behind the scenes, it’s exciting to see it when it affects our lives in noticeable ways. Look no further that the realm of fitness, where technology doesn’t just promise more conveniences, but also the promise of a healthier life. Here are some technologies that are changing the way we stay fit.

An Easier Path to Success With Data Tracking

Tracking your fitness progress isn’t anything new. Sure, it used to look different, when it required you to carry a notepad and pen around the fitness center. But, while some gym-goers still prefer the old-fashioned method, smartphones and fitness trackers have opened up a whole new way of tracking — and making — progress toward your goals. Although fitness trackers still have a long way to go in terms of accuracy, you can expect to see them become much more impressive as sensors grow smaller and more accurate.

You Might Not Need to Hire a Fitness Trainer

As any fitness geek will tell you, form is everything. Nowadays, however, if you need to know how to do an exercise, you can just type it into your search engine and read or watch as much as you want about it. Now, this isn’t to say that YouTube videos have gone and made fitness trainers obsolete. There will always be a need for immediate, tailored advice, especially for those who aren’t very knowledgeable. That said, for those who want to get the basics down or just want a little company while they work out, there are plenty of online resources for that.

For Better or Worse, It’s Easier to Share

When it comes to working out, you can be a lone wolf, but many others treat it as a social activity. Nowhere is this more apparent than on social media, where post-workout mirror pics and shared running routes are the norm. On one hand, sharing can be nice. It can motivate you, and it’s a good way to keep your friends in the loop on your fitness journey. On the other hand, other users can find these posts annoying and kind of boastful. Whichever way you see it, one thing’s for sure — it isn’t going anywhere, and it’s sure to stick as social media itself changes.

New Devices, New Ways to Stay Fit

Fitness trackers have had a big impact in the fitness world, but they aren’t the only devices that will change the way we work out. That’s because there’s another area of technology promising to upend fitness as we know it. Virtual reality may still be in its infancy, but companies like HTC and Oculus are making strong headway in building the most immersive technology out there. Some VR games that are out now already require a bit of a workout, and they aren’t even geared toward fitness. Expect to see future VR games that require you to bend, twist, squat, and jump — all while tricking your brain into thinking you’re in space or dodging zombies.

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