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Frozen Fish Sticks: Are They a Smart Snack Choice?

The short answer is no; frozen fish sticks are not a smart snack choice by any stretch of the imagination. If you want to have a treat that tastes nice and that is appetizing, then, yes, frozen fish sticks fulfill that criteria, mainly on account of them being processed foods that are usually deep-fried in oil. But if you're talking about nutrients within the fish sticks, then it is a very poor snack choice, since nutrients are either absent or very low. Similarly, if you're talking about the actual factors that determine if a food is healthy or not (like carbs or sodium), then frozen fish sticks also fail in that respect.

High in Calories

Just one frozen fish stick of 28 grams already nets you 81 calories, which is pretty significant if you consider the actual size of a single fish stick. The way frozen fish sticks are prepared - which is battered or breaded and then either deep-friend, grilled or baked inside of the oven - understandably contributes to this high calorie content. The basis of weight gain is founded on eating more calories than you are then able to burn off again. When you eat more calories than you burn off, this results in increased weight that stays with you. Just to burn off the caloric content of one frozen fish stick, you are going to have to engage in a decent amount of exercise already.

High in Sodium

Another reason why frozen fish sticks are most definitely not a smart snack choice is due to the high amount of sodium in just one. A single frozen fish stick will already come out to 160 milligrams of sodium. Considering your daily sodium intake recommendations and the speed with which you can get there just by eating a few frozen fish sticks, consuming these is a sure way to consume too much sodium. Too much sodium is unhealthy for your body, despite the fact that you needs sodium to function. It should only be consumed in moderate amounts. Excessively high amounts of sodium have been correlated in study after study with serious diseases and conditions like cancers, stroke, cardiovascular disease, edema, two different kinds of ulcers, high blood pressure, heartburn and osteoporosis.

Low in Nutrients

When you eat food, a big reason to do so is to try and get all kinds of nutrients and vitamins into your system. Frozen fish sticks are very low in these nutrients, so they are a poor snack choice. For example, frozen fish sticks contain absolutely no vitamins of any kind, be they A, B or C. Other nutrients that are good for your body and which your body needs, like calcium and iron, are also absent in any serving of fish sticks, further proving their uselessness when it comes to giving your body some nutrients.

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