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Debunking the Most Common Nutrition Myths

Don't get caught up in these untruths! 1. Avoid carbohydrates to lose weight. Carbohydrates have consistently gotten a bad rap in the media. However, as…Read More»


Superb Herbs: Add Flavor Without Calories

Anyone trying to lose weight, or just eat healthier in general, knows that cutting calories is essential. Slashing calories from your diet is hard, especially…

You've Lost the Weight - Do You Know How to Maintain It?

Losing weight is a feat in itself, but keeping it off, for some, can be even more challenging. The most successful losers are the ones…

Probiotics and Prebiotics

We often think of bacteria as being negative; after all, we use antibacterial soap and antibacterial cleaning products to protect ourselves from getting sick, and…


The Best Apps to Track Your Diet

Advancements in technology have enhanced the weight loss experience. You now have the power to track your fitness progress with the aid of several revolutionary…

How to Get Better Balance

Building better balance is like building muscle in that it takes practice, attention and time. Balance is a learned skill for many, not everyone is…

Tips to Embolden You to Take a Class

While it can be difficult to find the courage to take an exercise class, especially if you haven't worked out in awhile, doing so can…

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