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Is The P90X Right For You?

The P90X is the most saturated get-fit quick workout regimen broadcast on cable television, but is the pain worth it? Tony Horton, developer and spokesman…Read More»


How Consuming Alcohol Affects You Post-Workout

It might be tempting to grab a frosty beer after an intense workout session, but a single cold one is seldom satisfying. The euphoric sensation…

400 Calorie Meals for Fall

Summer is winding down and soon we will welcome the cool, crisp air of fall. That means it's almost time for soft, forgiving sweaters that…

Why Aren't Most Chefs Overweight?

Why is it that many chefs and food service professionals -- people who spend an average of 8 hours per day, five days per week…


Why the Bench Press Isn't a Clear-Cut Strength Indicator

You've seen it before: power lifters pumping iron at max reps on a bench press while a spotter hollers encouragement loud enough for the entire…

Why Plyometric Training Will Get You in Shape Fast

A brand new training technique that involves power jumping has breached the surface of hardcore exercise regimens among athletes and fitness experts nationwide. Okay, it's…

Ranking of Common Strength Training Equipment

The gym is full of all kinds of crazy machines for you to use for your strength training. You probably have no idea how to…

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