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11 Amazing Celebrity Weight Loss Tips

Have you ever wondered how your favorite celebrities got so fit and manage to stay that way? We did, so we compiled a list of…Read More»


Meet the Man Who Only Eats Pizzas

"Cheat days" often include over-indulgence of fatty foods that are loaded with greasy goodness, like steak burritos, cheeseburgers, French fries and pizza. After countless sessions…

Cooking With Superfoods: Recipes for Chinese Cabbage

Who knew that Chinese cabbage was so super? A recent study by Dr. Jennifer Di Noia of William Patterson University tested and categorized superfoods by…

Will Eating a Pet Food Only Diet Help You Lose Weight?

Some people are willing to try strange things in order to achieve their fitness goals, but there might not be a more bizarre weight-loss fad…


12 Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

The downside of traveling, whether its for work or vacation, is that your fitness routines are broken. You can't go to the gym, do your…

Want a Boost of Energy? Start Doing Quick Stretches at Work!

You might not consider stretching at the office a suitable activity for workplace productivity, but Jeremy Shore of StrengthtoShore.com advocates quick stretches to boost energy…

Why Cardio Shouldn't Be Performed Before Lifting Weights

It's no secret that warming up is an important part of your daily exercise regimen. A brief five to 10 minute warm-up period helps stimulate…

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