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What Are Phytonutrients and What Do They Do in the Body?

Phytonutrients are additional compounds (besides just vitamins and minerals) found in foods that are associated with health. Phytonutrients work in a variety of ways by…Read More»


How Can I Get More Fiber in My Diet?

Sometimes it can be a challenge to get enough fiber in your daily diet. The Institute of Medicine recommends intake for total fiber for adults…

Can Specific Proteins and Carbs Keep Weight Off?

We have always heard that "calories in versus calories out" is the hard and fast rule when it comes to weight loss. Of course, being…

Food Additives: Learn the Lingo!

Food additives are added to foods to improve the quality, affordability, shelf life and flavor. They prevent spoilage and increase nutrition. There are over 3,000…


How Can I Get Better Form While Exercising?

You may have heard fitness instructors or trainers say "watch your form" when you working out with them or in a class, but what does…

The Best Apps to Track Your Diet

Advancements in technology have enhanced the weight loss experience. You now have the power to track your fitness progress with the aid of several revolutionary…

How to Get Better Balance

Building better balance is like building muscle in that it takes practice, attention and time. Balance is a learned skill for many, not everyone is…

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