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Four Ways to Relieve Knee Pain

The knee is a very complex joint and necessary in most of our every day activities. If you've been experiencing knee pain for an…Read More»


Ten Great Vegetarian Protein Sources

If you are a vegetarian or are just looking cut back on your meat consumption (often called a flexitarian), it is important to make sure…

Three Types of Food That Will Make Your Body Feel Sluggish

The way your body functions and feels is based off of how you treat it and what you feed it. Eating to stay healthy and…

Three Juice Drinks You Should Avoid

While juice is generally rich in vitamins, many juice drinks contain added sugar and provide few, if any health benefits. In fact, getting too much…


Four Soccer Strength Training Exercises to Build Muscle

Great soccer athletes can run fast, cut quickly, and jump high. In the past, endurance athletes stayed away from strength training to avoid bulk, which…

Six Strength Exercises to Improve Posture

If you want to improve your posture, stretching isn't the only thing you should be doing. While stretches do help to loosen up stiff joints…

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