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5-Pose Yoga Sequence for Runners

Whether you're new to running or a running expert, cross-training and stretching are important factors in improving your run and reducing your risk of injury.…Read More»


Vending Machine No-No's

When I was little, the best part of staying in a hotel was the vending machine. Candy bars, chips, Twinkies and soda -- what more…

5 Healthy Post-Training Run Snacks

Running can be a fantastic way to get in shape, lose weight and build muscle, especially if you start training for a race. It can…

The Connection Between Weight Loss and Hot Flashes

If you've had one, there's no mistaking it: the sudden, intense, hot feeling in your upper body, perhaps accompanied by a rapid heartbeat, sweating, dizziness,…


8 Mistakes Costing You Muscle Tone

The goal of training hard is to build more muscle, which will ultimately help you to burn more fat and lose more weight. However, you…

Kick Your Treadmill Workout Up a Notch

Aren't you sick and tired of jogging for 45 to 60 minutes every day? Doesn't it get boring on that elliptical machine after a while?…

What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Working Out?

Putting an end to your regular workout routine has some distinct disadvantages and can increase the risk of chronic diseases. Becoming sedentary when you're used…

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