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Best Leg Exercises for Bad Knees

Worried about your knees as you work out your legs? Knee problems are very common among athletes and bodybuilders, but newbie gymgoers often find their…Read More»


"Fatten" Your Heart to Get Healthy

Eating polyunsaturated fat in moderation instead of saturated and trans fats benefits your health by reducing bad cholesterol levels and your heart disease risk, notes…

Your Epidermis Is Showing: The Role of Diet and Nutrition for Healthy Skin

Our skin is an amazing organ that works as our first line of defense from injury, infections, ultraviolet radiation and changes in temperature. It is…

How Do You Tell a Loved One that They Need to Lose Weight?

With the holiday season here in full force, you will soon be surrounded by long-lost aunts, cousins, family friends and heck-knows-who, maybe even the gentlemen…


Non-Workout Exercises to Keep You Fit

Are you sick and tired of spending hours at the gym every week just going through the motions of your workout? If you feel discouraged…

7 Best Fully Body Exercises

Full body exercises are some of the best you can do for an efficient workout. By engaging more muscles with every movement, you increase the…

The Sleek and Svelte Arms Workout

Want to have beautifully sleek and svelte arms? Women tend to accumulate more fat on the back of their arms, so getting those sleek arms…

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