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How Exercise Affects Your Metabolism

Most people think that "doing exercise" will help to speed up their metabolism. However, this vague statement--while mostly true--needs to be dissected a bit more…Read More»


5 Healthy Easter Basket Alternatives

When I was a child, I loved Easter almost as much as I loved Christmas. Each year, until I hit my teens, there were giant…

How Tetris Can Help You Lose Weight

Tetris is a game that has a lot more value than our parents once thought. Studies suggest that it can reduce PTSD flashbacks and it…

Is the Paleo Diet Safe and Effective?

The Paleo Diet was written by Dr. Loren Cordain Ph.D. The main premise of this diet focuses on consuming foods that our hunter-gatherer ancestors would…


Exercise Showdown: Pilates vs. Yoga

Mind-body exercise classes have been blowing up the fitness scene for quite a few years now. As a mind-body exercise, they are both centered around…

Everything You Need to Know About CrossFit

Looking to take your fitness to a whole new level? Sick and tired of your boring workout at the gym--the same one you've been doing…

Why Running Improves Heart Health

The benefits of cardiovascular activity are immense. The body becomes naturally inclined to consume more oxygen during high-intensity modes of exercise, which strengthens the lungs…

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