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What's the Filthiest Part of My House?

You might not be surprised to hear that some rooms in your home are dirtier than others. But, the area in your home that’s ... Read More »

Does Being Vegan Make You More Chill?

You may think of vegans as suffering from stress, anxiety, depression or aggression less than the average human being. But is there validity to this? ... Read More »

Which (If Any) Instagram Products Are Legit?

Ever wonder why celebrities and other Instagram stars promote certain products, and if these products are truly legit? You’re not alone, as it’s ... Read More »

The Surprising Benefits of Keeping a Gratitude Diary

Gratitude diaries may be the new up and coming trend, as they appear help you reap health and wellness benefits. But should you take the ... Read More »

How to Choose Your Next Workout

If you’re an exercise novice, choosing the right workouts can be challenging. The goal is to pick a routine you enjoy, something that fits ... Read More »

No Laughing Matter: The Long Term Effects of Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, otherwise known as laughing gas, is often used as a sedative agent by dentists (or given to women going into labor) to make ... Read More »

10 Accessories Your Workout Routine is Missing

Are you frustrated spending hours working out week after week without getting results you’ve been hoping for? Whether you’re working out from home ... Read More »

What's Biting Me? — How to Tell What Type of Bug Bite You Have

Ever wonder which bugs are biting you and causing itchy or painful bumps all over your body? Many bug bites are harmless, but knowing what ... Read More »

Should You Base Your Diet on Your Blood Type?

The blood type diet, developed by Peter J D’Adamo, encourages you to choose foods based on if you have O, B, AB or A ... Read More »

What Gross Things Does My Cat Track In?

Believe it or not, pets can be a main source of dirt and germs in your home — even if it's at a microscopic level. That’... Read More »

Here's What You Need to Know About Nappercising

A new trend called nappercise is a type of “fitness” class that appears to be gaining in popularity, believe it or not. Have you wondered ... Read More »

8 Health-Related Things That Were Actually Better Back in the Day

Ever notice that certain health, nutrition and fitness trends were simply better back in the day? You’re not alone. New up-and-coming health trends can ... Read More »

The Wonder Woman Workout

Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman workout prepared her for the hit role in Batman vs. Superman, so it’s no surprise the workout gets results. ... Read More »

What Happens If I Eat The Same Meals Everyday?

You might get bored eating the same meals day after day, but it’s helpful to know the pros and cons of doing so. Whether ... Read More »

The Pros and Cons of Becoming a Cyborg in 2017

A new technological trend of becoming a “cyborg” in 2017 comes with pros and cons. That’s why knowing more about this intriguing phenomenon is a ... Read More »

Everything You Need to Know About Lyme Disease

Getting Lyme disease can be serious if left untreated, which is why prevention strategies and seeking early treatment is so important. The more you know ... Read More »

You'd Be Surprised How Many Organs You Can Replace

Needing new organs isn’t ideal, but if this does happen to you it’s nice to know many human organs are indeed replaceable (with ... Read More »

How Long Can You Go Before You Have to ... Go

Going to the bathroom can give you instant relief, but holding it in is sometimes necessary. You might be wondering how long, medically speaking, your ... Read More »

Stressed? It Might Be Time To Move

Everyone feels stressed now and then, but if stress has become a normal part of daily living, it might be time for some life changes. ... Read More »

How Waiting Will Encourage You to Make Healthy Eating Choices

Having trouble making healthy eating choices? You’re not alone. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says over 70 percent of adult Americans are overweight ... Read More »

5 Health Benefits of Being a Pet Owner

Trying to decide whether or not to own a pet? Pros and cons exist when purchasing furry friends, but you might be surprised to find ... Read More »

8 Unexpected Things That Affect Your Hormones

Are your hormones out of whack and you can’t figure out why? It’s troubling to feel tired, extra hungry or bloated as a ... Read More »

6 Medical Advances That Went from Science Fiction to Science Fact

Some advances in medicine are no longer science fiction, as dreams have become reality for many lucky patients. Seeing how far medicine has come is ... Read More »

8 Celebs and the Unusual Obsessions That Help Them Stay Camera-Ready

Celebrities aren’t immune to unusual health and fitness obsessions. In fact, they can be even more prone to it, due to outside pressure to ... Read More »

Gynopedia Plus 3 More Essential Health Resources for When You're Traveling

Need some health-related material to read about while traveling, or want to be better prepared in case of a medical emergency while abroad? If so, ... Read More »

Why You Should Be Working out Like a Ping Pong Champion (and How to Do It)

You may not think of playing ping pong (also known as table tennis) as exercise, but surprisingly a ping pong champion workout is perfect for ... Read More »

How Dangerous is the Radiation from My Microwave

Have you heard about microwave radiation, but aren’t sure if this is something you should be concerned about? You’re not alone. Too much ... Read More »

Wingardium Vinyasa: Get Fit with Harry Potter Yoga

You’ve probably heard about the many benefits of yoga, and Harry Potter may be just what you need to get inspired to hit the ... Read More »

10 of the Tastiest Healthy Snacks from Trader Joe's

A privately held neighborhood grocery store chain based out of Monrovia, California, Trader Joe’s has hundreds of stores nationwide. This fresh food grocery chain ... Read More »

8 Unsolved Medical Mysteries

Medical mysteries may be more common than you think — and while intriguing, can be traumatic for patients suffering from mysterious illnesses. Some medical phenomena could ... Read More »