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Can a Microwave Meal Ever be Healthy?

A microwave meal is a type of food choice that you rely on when you likely are in a hurry. These microwave meals are lifesavers when you have just come home from work or some other form of engagement and need something to take your hunger away quickly. If you're just too tire to cook, microwave meals are helpful in those situations, too. However, because they are unnatural and processed foods, there are questions surrounding microwave meals and whether they can ever be healthy. All you have to do is look at the nutritional facts on the back of any microwave meal to verify how unhealthy they are. You may be surprised, though, that you can eat healthier using your microwave.

Usually Not Healthy

As a general rule, the majority of microwave meals are not going to be healthy because they are TV dinners and frozen foods you buy already prepared. These foods are processed and generally very unhealthy. For example, they usually contain high amounts of risky elements such as sodium and carbohydrates. While some microwave meals do come with descriptions advertising themselves as healthy, any benefits of health are quickly undone due to the fact that even these types of meals use lots of preservatives to keep them fresh. With added preservatives comes a big increase in the content of sodium in the product.

Homemade Meals Are the Healthiest

Since homemade meals are not processed or made with unnatural and artificial ingredients like many of the microwave meals are, your best bet would be to quickly mix together some basic foods like pasta and a tomato sauce with some protein. Then, use the heat of the microwave to "cook" up this meal in just a few minutes. Another type of self-made meal that you can quickly fire up in the microwave is just your basic porridge, which would be ready in about one minute or so. Yet another option would be to buy bags of frozen vegetables, and then use your microwave to heat and cook them. Yes, they are more of a side dish, but if you eat them with bread, for instance, you can make a healthy meal out of that.

Recipe for Healthy Microwave Meal

To illustrate how simple it is to make a healthier microwave meal, here is a recipe for microwave fried egg sandwich. Place two eggs in a microwavable safe container and cook them for one minute on medium power. On some whole wheat bread, spread some mayonnaise, and add tomatoes, romaine lettuce and finally the egg that you just fried in the microwave. If you wish, add some salt and pepper to increase the flavor. In only a couple of minutes, you have yourself a healthier microwave meal.

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