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Beer vs. Wine: Which Drink Should You Order?

Beer vs. wine, that is the question. To simply ask which drink you should order is too simple a question because each alcoholic beverage has its pros and cons. Furthermore, you have to consider a multitude of factors ranging from health benefits or concerns to more practical ones like those of simple taste and enjoyment. The bigger issue could even come down regarding which goes better with your food. Both alcoholic beverage types have their supporters as well as their detractors, but at the end of the day, you have to do your own research and come to your own determination about which is best for your personal situation. Depending on the situation and your circumstances, ordering beer vs. wine at any given time works.

Beer Makes You Gain Weight More Than Wine

If your personal situation sees you trying out a diet or simply working to maintain the current weight that is to your satisfaction, then ordering beer will sabotage your hard work. In general, beer consumption brings more calories into your body than merely drinking wine. White wines come out to an average of about 65 calories per glass, while red wine only comes out to slightly more at 70 calories per glass. However, you should steer clear of the ports as they can get up to 160 calories per glass. Still, beer is more toxic for your ability to succeed at dieting because its calorie count is tremendously higher. For your average 12-ounce bottle of beer, you can take in more than 200 calories. Even with light beer, you're still taking in more calories than with wine.

Wine May Have Less Health Benefits Than Beer

This may come as a shocker of sorts to you, primarily because of the conventional wisdom that has been repeated by many researchers about wine's health benefits and the like. However, according to research by one chairman of a university's prominent food science department and author of a book on beer, beer is in fact healthier than wine. According to him, beer contains antioxidants and a whole string of important B vitamins like niacin and folic acid. His research also touts the fiber content in beer, which is apparently quite high, a plus for your digestive system. Maybe the most startling claim is that the active ingredient in alcohol from beer actually keeps your arteries free of blockages.

Which to Order?

It appears that the question of which to order, beer or wine, stems largely from the health benefits or perceived health benefits of either. If you are afraid of gaining weight, whether you're dieting or not, then you should just stick to wine and order that. In addition, wine has been the subject of much research that suggests that drinking it in moderation actually lessens your risk of dying from cardiovascular diseases. If you believe that beer is more healthy for you, then you should forego that glass of wine and just open up a can of Budweiser from your latest six-pack purchase. Or you can simply just go by taste alone, deciding on a per-meal basis which alcoholic drink goes best with your food.

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