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3 Juice Drinks You Should Avoid

Juice drinks should never be confused with mere fruit juice. Juice drinks contain more sugar because of the artificial sugars added in. On the other hand, fruit juice only contains sugar that is naturally occurring in the fruit itself, which is commonly known as fructose. One easy and practical way you can avoid the types of juice drinks that are more unhealthy for you or your kids is by just reading the label on the box. A good thing to remember is that the higher the sugar content in juice drinks, the higher the calorie count is likely to be. Here are three juice drinks that you should avoid.

1. Cranberry Juice Drinks

You may want to avoid cranberry juice drinks because of health concerns. Specifically, there is concern that drinking too many cranberry juice will lead to the development of kidney stones. This is somewhat ironic because for many years, just the opposite was believed, that in fact this type of juice drink was good for the prevention of kidney stones. However, research now points to cranberry juice drinks causing kidney stones, because of the oxalate that is found in them. Oxalate, along with calcium in the urine, is a common reason for the development of kidney stones. Cranberry juice drinks possess high amounts of oxalate, which provides a direct link to kidney stones.

2. Orange Juice Drinks

Orange juice drinks are not all that bad for you; it is only in some cases that this type of fruit juice should be avoided. Even the concentrate version of orange juice drinks contains a decent level of vitamin C, for instance. The two problem areas for orange juice drinks are your stomach and your teeth. Drinking orange juice drinks on an empty stomach may provoke a mild stomach upset, which can aggravate prior gastrointestinal conditions. Regarding your teeth, orange juice drinks may cause the actual erosion of their enamel; this is referred to as acid erosion. Due to this type of juice drink's high concentration of citric acid, the measure of acidity for orange juice is approximately 3.5 pH. Consequently, some publications advise you to always use a straw when drinking this type of juice drink, so to avoid it from coming into contact with your teeth.

3. Grape Juice Drinks

Grape juice drinks are not all bad, but there are specific instances when they are. In the case of fatigue, for example, drinking dark grape juice drinks may cause even more tiredness because of their tendency to lower your iron levels. Anemic people should avoid this type of juice drink. Likewise, people who are suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and polymyalgia rheumatica are advised not to drink grape juice drinks due to their sugar content. The sugar content can worsen their fatigue.

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