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6 Flexibility Workouts that Increase Strength

Flexibility workouts can be designed to also increase muscle strength. You can be building strength in one area while you're stretching another. With any stretching program, start slowly and make sure your body is in the proper position. Don't do anything that causes pain. You should just feel a stretch and that a muscle is working. When you start to feel that you can't hold the position anymore or can't do another repetition, count to 5 or try to do another repetition. The last repetition should feel like a struggle, and you know you've done enough.

1. Ankle Stretches With Lifted Legs

This is a seated stretch that can engage the leg so as to build muscle in the quadriceps. It can also be done standing. Lift the leg straight out in front of you, but no higher than waist level. Keep the back straight. With the leg lifted, rotate the ankle in full circles. If you can maintain the leg lift, you can also do foot flexes. Try to point your toes as far up towards the ceiling as possible, and point down as far as possible.

2. Rock on the Feet

This is an exercise that done with enough gusto, can boost metabolism, build leg muscle and loosen the hips and legs. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart or a couple of inches further. Point your toes at about a 45 degree angle outward. Bend one knee directly over that foot and then rock to the other side, with the other knee over that foot.

3. Rock on the Feet with Arm Lifts

Once you're comfortable with the above motion, add your arms. When you're bending over the right foot, bring the left arm forward across the chest in a boxing motion. Reverse with the other arm and leg. You'll be working on most of the major muscle groups.

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