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6 Exercises That Make Pooping Easier

The older we get, the harder it becomes to move our bowels. The muscles in our intestines grow weaker as we age, so our bodies ... Read More »

On a Budget? 5 Alternatives to Getting a Trainer

If you're anything like me, you know how hard it can be to keep up with a weekly workout. We struggle to find motivation to ... Read More »

6 of the Best Exercises for More Toned Arms

Our arms are the "glamor muscles," the ones people see anytime we're in a halter top, T-shirt, tank top, polo, or even a button-down shirt. ... Read More »

7 Ways You and Your Dog Can Workout Together

Being a dog owner means you have the joy of sharing your life with your pet. You can eat together, sleep together (if your spouse ... Read More »

8 Simple Exercises You Can Do Right Now

Finding it tough to get in your workout every day? Struggling to make it to the gym or push yourself through your home workout? Being ... Read More »

8 Fitness-Friendly Ways to Spend Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the most romantic holiday of the year, but that doesn't mean you automatically have to opt for (non-diet-friendly) chocolates, candies, and alcohol. ... Read More »

You've Broken Your New Year's Resolution — Now What?

New Year's Resolutions are a flawed concept, at best. Don't get me wrong: it's awesome to make goals and strive to reach them. But waiting ... Read More »

6 Exercises You've Been Doing All Wrong

No matter how long you've been working out, there's always room for improvement. There will always be ways to streamline your workouts — be it by ... Read More »

7 Cardio Exercises That Won't Destroy Your Knees

One reason so many people hate cardio is that it takes a long time, uses up a lot of energy, and can be exhausting for ... Read More »

The Best Equipment-less Workouts

Resistance training isn't always about lifting the heaviest possible weights or doing as many different exercises as possible. In fact, resistance training is most effective ... Read More »

What Not to Wear to the Gym

"You are what you wear." This may sound like a shallow expression but think about it. If you never share a word with others, the ... Read More »

7 of the Biggest Fitness Myths Debunked

There are a lot of misunderstandings about fitness, health, weight loss, dieting, and fat burning. Fitness myths crop up all the time, and they can ... Read More »

10 Practical Workouts to Do at Home

Going to the gym can be a very time-consuming activity! Between the commute, waiting for people to finish with the machines, and spending time changing ... Read More »

Functional Training 101: What Is It and How to Do It Right

When you work out at the gym, how do you train? Are you training for strength, size, endurance, or a combination of all three? Do ... Read More »

Continuous Interval Training: The New Way to Get Crazy Fit

Since the creation of High Intensity Interval Training/Tabata Training in the late 1990s, interval training has become one of the most popular workouts in ... Read More »

9 Ways to Work on Your Fitness at Work

Just because you're at work, that doesn't mean you can't get fit! Your workout doesn't have to be restricted only to your gym time. There ... Read More »

DDP Yoga: Do the Results Match the Hype?

Yoga has become one of the most popular forms of exercise in the Western world. More and more studios are offering Yoga classes, with many ... Read More »

9 Fun Exercises You Can Do With Kids

Just because you're on kid duty, that doesn't mean you can't get in a workout! Kids love to feel like they're doing "adult stuff" so ... Read More »

The 5 Best Exercises You're Not Doing

If you've been sticking with a regular resistance training routine, chances are you're doing the same workouts on a weekly basis. While consistency is the ... Read More »

Standing Desks: Do the Health and Fitness Pros Outweigh the Cons?

Standing desks are all the rage among people who want to increase their fitness at work. The desks provide a sturdy surface to work on, ... Read More »

The 7 Best Workouts to Start Your Day

There's nothing quite as wonderful as starting your day with a workout! It's marvelous to roll out of bed and hit the gym or the ... Read More »

The Best Way to Strength Train for Men Over 40

We’ve all heard of the "middle age spread." The growing of our bellies and thighs once we reach the age of 35 or 40. The male ... Read More »

8 Ways for the Whole Family to Get Active Together

Working out as a family is a great way to keep everyone in good shape. Family workouts can be a fun, bonding experience, a chance ... Read More »

7 Exercises You Can Do at the Airport

Travel can be exhausting! Anyone who's ever traveled knows how tiring it can be to spend so many hours sitting, waiting, and doing nothing. It ... Read More »

Get Fit 24 Hours a Day (Not Just When You Work Out)

How much time do you spend at the gym? An hour? Two? That's awesome, as your gym time is vital to help you hit your ... Read More »

Workouts for People Who Hate Exercising

It's amazing how many people hate "exercise." Just the thought of being cooped up in a gym or spending an hour jogging around a park ... Read More »

How to Defend Yourself From an Attacker

We've all found ourselves in situations where we are forced to defend ourselves from an attacker. Perhaps you got into a fight at a bar, ... Read More »

6 Killer Exercises for More Defined Abs

Your abs are so much more than just glamour muscles! Yes, no one can deny that washboard abs look amazing, but your abs play a ... Read More »

How to Utilize MMA for Self Defense

Let me start out by saying this: MMA is NOT a martial art focused on self-defense. If anything, it's one of the most aggressive, no-holds-barred ... Read More »

How to Beat Cellulite with Yoga

Nothing can cause more horror than to look in the mirror and see cellulite beginning to form on the smooth skin of your legs and ... Read More »