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Help me I want to lose several kilograms of my weight! >

Help me I want to lose several kilograms of my weight!

Help me I want to lose several kilograms of my weight!

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Originally Posted by michaelap View Post
I don't problem with side effects. I just drank more water when I use it.
Regarding with drinking more water.. it's another factor of maintaining body weight? It would be good if it will be combined with little cardio exercise.
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There are four weeks in a month. You lost 34 pounds in one month? That means you lost over 8 pounds each week. A doctor would question that kind of weight loss. It's likely to be unhealthy. I question the safety of that kind of supplement and that kind of weight loss.

What is a safe rate of weight loss and why?

'Nine subject groups derived from five published reports met the criteria for inclusion in the analysis. When the results of these groups were evaluated statistically, a curvilinear relationship between incidence of gallstone formation and rate of weight loss was demonstrated. The relationship was best described by an exponential regression curve, with an adjusted r2 of 0.98 and a dramatically increasing risk of gallstone formation at rates of weight loss above 1.5 kg per week.'

Gallstones can be very uncomfortable.

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Originally Posted by michelle8447 View Post
I didn't tried Lipovox, but I did tried a few diet pill and diet systems (Atkins) a couple years back. The problem with diet only method is that you tend to lose more water weight, and possible muscle mass, which you can easily gain the weight right back. This happened to me..

If you can, try to eat very CLEAN (meaning that no processed foods, no fast carbs - wheat, corn, whole what), no soda or diet soda (bad for liver, bad for fat burn).

Eat more vegetables, brown rice, quinoa, sweet potatos, lean meat.

Exercise - if you can try to do high intensity interval training because it'll really boost your metabolism and give you permanent results.

Good luck and god bless!

and prayer to Boston...

Juicing for health adds in a bit of variety to your diet while helping you acquire essential nutrients from fruits and vegetables and help you lose weight naturally.

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Default lose several kilograms, but I don't know how

Weight gain can be due to various factors -sedentry lifestyle, hormone imbalance, bad eating habits. It can be a symptom of a number of disorders affecting any of several body system. First figure out the reasons for weight gain. Once you know that, create a plan in consultation with your physician as to what's the best course of action for weight loss.
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Great tips.
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To lose several kilograms, break your meals in small frequent meals and prefer raw food over processed food. Drink more water than routine, manage stress and avoid eating late.

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Smile loseing weight

Hey , I see that you move about weight loss and green tea , I recently I found a great page where Mrs. Monica describes about dieting so also probably raise the topic of green tea and water. I became curious about this person because everything carefully describes and wants to call at this knows I recommend you read a little bit and keep track of the page is here : losekilograms.com
Smart woman writes , and really cool diet and ways to describe .

Maggie greet

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You can use weight loss supplements for lose weight quickly.
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Default Consult the Doctor First

Never tried any diet pills with out consulting a Doctor. You never know what ingredients that in there even your family or friends recommended you that. There are more program to consider for losing weight. I struggle also for my weight and it takes time for me to find the right program that is suited for my needs. I am a newly Mom and an Intreviews program that is easy to follow and can do home works for me. Everyone of us has different needs. Don't give up looking what works for you.

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Default resources for gluten free diets/depression

Forget diets, change your lifestyle. Over the years my weight fluctuated somewhat but I was always able to drop the extra pounds easily. However, when I turned 50 and menopause hit, I really struggled to lose weight. Cutting out all processed foods, as well as sugar and flour has been key for me. On a friend’s recommendation I bought this Paleo Cookbook Paleo Grubs Book | 470+ Paleo Recipes in 17 Categories to keep meals interesting. Within two weeks my clothes were looser, I had more energy and my mental focus was sharper. With 2 kids still at home and working full-time this has been a good way to transition to a healthier diet. It is full of a variety of recipes that my family enjoys and has made it easy to stick with this new life style. This diet has also helped my 17-year old daughter who suffers from depression. Getting all the processed junk out of our diet has been life changing. Upafter10.com is another good resource for anyone who wants to learn about the science behind diet and depression. I try and incorporate as many organic fruits and veggies as possible and stick to organic and grass fed meats. The benefits for our bodies and our planet far outweigh the cost.

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