How often do you step on the scale?

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Talking Good advice by everyone and a quote for this thread.

Another thing I have done in the past is to take the batteries out of the scale, that way it was less tempting and helped give some measure of control over how often I would weigh but still allowed the comfort of having the scale there when I need it. I used to weigh myself ofen as well but have commited to just once a week since I have been using fitday. In the past if I thought I had a great day eating right, etc... and the scale didn't reflect the same the next morning it would put me in a bad mood the rest of the day and make me not really want to do well that day since it didn't seem to make a difference. Now I use fitday and my food diary etc.. as a measurement of how well I did for the day.

A fitting quote for this thread:
In the Middle Ages, they had guillotines, stretch racks, whips and chains.* Nowadays, we have a much more effective torture device called the bathroom scale.* ~Stephen Phillips
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Hey, I love you sign in 'I love chocolate". Me too love the stuff can't get enuff even though I know the calories are way out of control. It is good in reasonable amounts, but it is very hard to stay reasonable once started. Mmmmm. So trying not to eat too much chocolate is a tough one. I weigh myself everyday and try to stay away from the scale for a few days ata time because it does not help at all. Just put it out of sight for a few days and take it out after a couple of days , then put it away again. It becomes a source of frustration and adds to pressure to loose those lbs. Good luch
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I'm a scale addict too. I made my husband hide it, but then just HAD to see what my weight was, so I spent an hour looking for it. At least I burned calories, I guess. I have been better the last 3 days...I only weigh myself once a day in the morning before I shower.

This is probably a very stupid question, but how do you measure yourself? What do you measure? Your tummy? Or arms, bust, legs, hips, tummy everything? I want to do that instead of weighing daily!!
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I usually measure chest, waist, hip, and thigh, although there are several other measurements that folks also use. There is a "body" tab up top and you can fill in your numbers there so you can keep track.
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Hiya coco i used to weigh myself every morning of everyday and it used to go up and down all week. The result was i became so obsessed and moody because i was always worried to eat incase i put anymore on and all i wanted to do was lose the pounds id gained the day before. Then because id starve all day id then binge and id get nowhere. My period makes me carry 2lbs or so before it starts and it does steady itself again so long as i stick to the diet! All i advice is please dont obsess because it can lead to the dark days i had for 4 months. Fitday helped me to pick myself up and relax about my weight loss!!! GOOD LUCK
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I do not have a scale any more.

You could get rid of the scale and make a point of going someplace once a week to weigh yourself. Most Dr's offices will let you drop in and use the scale there or use the one at your gym. Always use the same scale and only weigh once a week!

This is very important since women's weight fluctuate. It is what our bodies do, so get used to it. Women's bodies need to constantly adjust due to our hormone levels, menstruation, child bearing, menopause, etc. Your body can fluctuate as much as 5 pounds in one day! I know that stinks, but the sooner you understand it, the sooner you will feel better about yourself.

Don't look at the number on the scale. Instead, be concerned with the way you FEEL and the number of inches you have lost over a long period of time.
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If you have to weigh yourself than do it first thing in the morning. I've read somewhere that this is your real weight. ;-)
Through the day if you drink even just 3l of water you will be heavier and you certainly are not gained on your fat, right? So, do it in the morning!
And like for everything else, you need strong mind and will not to do it every day...just DECIDE...make a deal with yourself to do it once in week! And the progress you'll see at the end we'll be much more satisfying!!! It's worth of trying, trust me! ;-)
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Originally Posted by rockymtnsavvy View Post
2-I changed the unit of measurement on my scale from lbs to kgs...again, takes the variability out of it, but is sensitive enough to keep me losing weight. Each kg = 2.2 lbs, so losing 1 kg per week is a good consistent loss. I also do not have any emotional attachment to kgs since I have no history or preconceived notions about kgs (where I do with lbs). It's just a number, not a value judgement.
3-I satisfy my obsession with measurement, by estimating all my food amounts (cups, oz, tbsp) before I actually measure them. I get immediate feedback on a skill that is far more important to my long term success, than knowing what I weigh every hour, and it's more satisfying. Being good at this estimate comes in really handy when I am eating at a restaurant or at a friend's home.
Edit: I found this thread via search and didn't realize until after posting it was in support group for women, hopefully it's not inappropriate for me to post here.

Wow, I like that advice and it's not something I've really seen repeated much, actually I'm not sure I've ever heard of using kg's but that sounds like some solid reasoning to me. My scale actually has an option for weighing in stone as well which is an even more... stable (a stone is 14 lbs according to google).

My own personal habit with the scale is to hit it every day first thing in the morning (after peeing cause hey, that stuff's heavy), I don't obsess about it, I just view it as part of my food log. I definitely hate it when things move the wrong way but I also use that as my motivation to try harder and remain consistent with my efforts. When things go my way then it does improve my mood, especially the day after things go the wrong way. The whole morning weight in is purely because that's going to be my most consistent weight.

I think for men hitting the scale once a day is not an issue, there isn't a lot of reasons for weight to fluctuate so it's a little more reliable on a day to day basis. For women once a week measurements/clothes test is probably best. I am keeping measurements (well, really just one, my waist is all I care about or likely ever will care about), I only wish that when I originally had started dropping a lot of weight I had done the same (a few years ago before i fell off the exercise wagon).
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I like how the people on the Biggest Loser aren't allowed to weigh in until it's weigh day. This seems to make any REAL progress they've made reflect on the scale in a more concrete way, and reflecting actual weight loss.
I know it seems like we work so hard and only want to see results quickley...
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I agree with most of you on here that measurements are probably the most important thing!

What type of workouts do you do? Cardio is great for weight-loss and sometimes I obsess on that too much. Toning (like pilates, yoga, etc) really makes a difference for me in the way of measurements because it strengthens my stomach / thigh / arm muscles so it doesn't just 'hang' as much. I don't know if you are already doing that or not, but it could be something to try!
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