Time to Step it Up!!

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Wink Time to Step it Up!!

OK it's time for me to step it up! I have no problem being active and have lost 14 lbs but need a lilttle kick in the butt to watch the eating. It is the evenings that railroad my progress. I don't sit and binge eat like I used to, but its a matter of eating chocolate, etc., which I usually don't even do!

I guess we have a big bag of candy in the house since an Easter blowout sale. It takes mere moments to ingest those calories.

Thanks, it feels better to get this out. I need to be accountable. I can burn 500 calories a day, and keep my fat intake down, but these past few weeks, the evening eating is a temptation for me.

Any awesome suggestions? I guess distraction or having healthy lo-no cal snacks ready to go is an idea. Just wavering in the willpower department this way.

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Oh man. I know exactly what you mean. It use to be that I couldn't have it in the house. But now I find I do okay if it is out of sight. Putting it in the freezer I find is because because I'm not a huge fan of frozen chocolate. But you need something to turn to when other people are snacking on it. Maybe make yourself some jello with really fruit in it. I like raspberry. Also, that tip of not eating anything until 10 minutes after the idea first occurs to you. That way you have time to assess and convince yourself to say no.... Haha. I also once tried saying I wasn't allowed to eat the chocolate until I drank two cups of water. That one didn't work so well for me but maybe it would help you.

Good luck!
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Default your in good company

You're in good company. Im online right now JUST to try to stop thinking about the chocolate in my kitchen. Ive heard water curbs cravings....its not working for me either tonight. i didnt eat very much today and im "hormonal" so im sure thats why its so hard right now. I just posted a new thread before i saw yours. im glad i did. it does feel good to get it out!
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First of all, congrats on your 14lbs lost! That's no small feat!

I do have one question though, how much chocolate do you usually eat in one go? Reason I'm saying is, if your weight loss has started to plateau, you may blame it on "obvious" food like chocolate, even if you're just having, for example, a few squares per night! However, even seemingly benign foods can pack a lot of calories. Bread in particular, even if it's whole wheat, packs a ton of relatively vacant calories.

But if you feel like you have everything else dialed in, well then.... When I want to get my chocolate fix I'll usually break off a couple squares, then put the rest in a really tedious-to-reach place. Usually that keeps me from going back for seconds.

Good luck on your journey,

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