Drinking alcohol... everyone wants to know

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Default see alcohol thread in womens only section

Hi Ashley,
You might look at an older thread concerning alcohol consumption and dieting. You may have to go to page 2 to find it, but there were a lot of very thoughtful posts about the ins and outs and the difficulty in giving it up for many of us who were used to 2 or 3 drinks a night. The general consensus is that while not very many of us were willing to give it up altogether, most of us had cut way back and reserved alcohol consumption for either special occassions, dining out, or a weekend indulgence.

As with many things, if you can find something to substitute the activities surrounding vodka, such as not going to happy hours (not that you necessarily do) or not sitting in front of the TV for hours with a glass in your hand (again, not that you do), then you are likely to be more successful.

At 22, now is a great time to start establishing those GOOD habits that will last a lifetime.
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Hey Ashley,
My advice to you would be cut back to a MAXIMUM of 2 drinks, and go from there. Slowly ween yourself from it. If you quit cold turkey you will find it very difficult to keep that up. Not only that, mix your vodka with a low/no calorie mixer like sugar free cran, diet coke, or soda water with lime.

Good luck!
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Default No alcohol!!!

YouTube - Avoid Alcohol If You Want To Gain Muscle

I know its hard to say no to booze, but watch this video its got some decent info, despite the crappy voice over.
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Thank you this was helpfull for me pointing out one more thing I know I need to change in my life. I just started with Fitday.com yesterday working on my quest to feeling good again with my body. Alcohol is one of my biggest challanges by overcoming my use of it and getting my health back, achieving my goals! Thank you...
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Wow someone finally responded to this. I'm glad it could help you!
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I got off of the daily alcohol consumption. Had 5 55 cal buds Thursday didnt hurt my efforts but kept my calories in check and still was victorious. I went right back on the no alcohol pact yesterday

Originally Posted by midwestj View Post
Wow someone finally responded to this. I'm glad it could help you!
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