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Default Fit Day goal question

I'm using Fit Day online. My starting weight was 157 on June 23, 2010, and I set my goal to be 120 by February 21, 2011. I've made a few changes as I've learned how many calories I can comfortably eat and still feel good, and my rate of weight loss.

I understand that as I get lighter, I'll require fewer calories to lose weight at the same rate. My question is this: Does Fit Day automatically adjust the "calories you can eat" as you lose weight? For instance, right now it tells me I can eat 1467 calories per day to lose just under a pound per week. But when I weigh 135 pounds, is it going to continue telling me I can have 1467 calories? Or does it recalculate each time I update my weight? If it continues to say 1467, and that's what I eat, my weight loss will obviously slow down as I require fewer calories.

I hope my question makes sense.
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I don't believe it automatically adjusts that, but you will see on your activities page that you are burning fewer calories per day as you get smaller. It changes based on the weight you put in. You can still have your calories, but you will have to work out more in order to create the deficit (or adjust the calories). For this reason, it was always easier for me to just subtract the food total number from the activity total number; both would vary. On days I was more active, I could have more calories and still have the same deficit.

Hope that helps, rather than confusing you more !
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I don't usually bother putting in my activities at all, because I'm never quite sure what to call what I do. I just move around in whatever way keeps my heart rate up and doesn't aggravate my foot injury. None of the categories seem to fit that.
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