Need to reduce belly fat

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@Skypilot77: awesome illustration!
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Yeah, you can't target belly fat that way. My personal trainer told me that the key to losing belly fat is to work the legs like mad. So I do think that kickbocing or kicking the life out of the punching bag will certainly help to strengthen your core, which is a neccesity, but it won't make fat fall off. Good things to lose belly fat is running in place with a ten pound ball (or less) I run in place with a 10 lb. Ball for 1min 40 sec. I started at just a half minute and ill be moving up to 2 mins soon. Anything that works the legs will benefit for sure. But remember, low weight high reps. You don't want to get buff, rather you want to get cut.
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I am very fat two year ago.but now this time I am very fit and healthy.I found this sites on my pc and I read the rule of this site and I do that I watch my stomach is flat in two month.So I give the advice to all my friend to make spam and make look smart.

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Jogging, Brisk Walking, Swimming and Skipping some of the best exercises for weight loss.

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Originally Posted by skypilot77
If you have a house that is flooded with water you can't just pump the water out of one room --- even though the pump is set up in one room.

As the pump works to remove the water the water level drops across all the rooms.

The same is true with fat reduction. You may be working the pump on the stomach but fat reduction works across the whole body because it is stored all over the body.
Great analogy!
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Default Flat stomach tips?

I am looking for some great core workouts to get that flat stomach. Hav tried crunches and whatnot but I can never see any results i was also wondering if anyone has any oblique workouts that work for them?
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Clean diet is #1. I've had just as good of luck with my core by doing deadlifts as I have with any ab exercise.
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Deadlifts, planks, knee raises etc will all help build and tone muscle. But that muscle will still be hidden under a layer of fat unless you address diet and fat-burning exercises.
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Pull ups. I just finished a challenge that involved doing pull ups everyday for 60 days straight. I never knew they worked your abs like they do!
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You can do crunches till you're blue in the face and you still won't see your abs until you get your diet in line. Add in some cardio and watch the hills and valleys appear! Hill sprints, sled drags, and even plain old walking every day will get you there.

Yo, peeps.
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