Weighing yourself?

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Question Weighing yourself?

How often do people weigh themselves? I'm just starting, and I'm planning on a weekly weigh-in. I don't have regular access to a scale, though. I've heard you should always use the same scale, and always weigh yourself at approximately the same time each week for the most consisten results. Should I be weighing myself more often than once a week? Or less?
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I usually weigh once a week, but it's a personal decision. I agree that one should use the same scale, at the same time if at all possible. I try to position mine in the same spot, step on in the same way, etc. to keep any variables as consistent as possible.

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I'm one of those crazy weigh every day people. I don't like surprises, and I weigh in and log daily and it motivates me and helps me stay on par. A scale doesn't have to be so technical that it is able to launch people into space. The technology it needs is that it just needs to be accurate. You can get such a scale for about 20.00 just about anywhere. I use a digital scale that weighs in half pound increments.
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Default Weighing

I use to way myself before my weight ballooned to 145
I get frustrated every time i see that i haven't lose any weight
even though i was exercising and dieting!
So i stopped weighing myself
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Weekly works for me. Like Micheal said it is important to have a routine.

For example, I weight myself every Friday morning before my workout. On Thursdays I try to have a fairly consistent, low sodium diet. One salty meal could add 2-3 lbs of water weight the next day. I try to get the same amount of sleep every Thursday night. On Friday morning, I try to always get up about the same time and go through the same routine every week. I always have a banana on the way into my workout and will get onto the scale after I get my workout clothes on before I put on my shoes.

It's amazing what a little change to the routine can make. One week we had a going away lunch for someone at work. We went to a restaurant. Like I usually try to do, I had looked up their menu before had and knew what I was getting. I had even called ahead to find out their serving sizes. The one thing you cannot control is how they season their food...and like almost all places, it has lots and lots of sodium. Long story short, I hopped on the scale the next morning as was up 2 lbs....which at the time was a shock since I had been consistently dropping 1-2 lbs or more every week. Well the next week I was down 5 lbs. All that extra weight was water as a result of a high sodium day.

Point is, be aware of tricks the body plays when weighing and don't let a bad scale reading throw you off.

Good Luck!
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Yup, weekly for me... that is most of the time. Most people experience their most rapid weight loss during the first few weeks and daily weighing can be motivating as others have noted. As the loss starts to level out the day-to-day fluctuations can be discouraging as bongatforums said (I too can get discouraged with lack of progress and have been known to "spluge" on a "oh what the heck... not losing anyway" whim). At that point weekly seems to make more sense.

I agree with Michael and Frenchhen that owning your own scale that will allow you to weigh yourself at a same time of day would be a good idea.
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I weigh almost daily, but I only record on Sunday mornings. We do a weekly "Taking Stock" poll on my facebook Atkins support page, so I record Sunday mornings. Weighing daily used to let me know which jeans or what dress I could wear. Now that I've lost 40 lbs, clothes are baggy, so I don't need to weigh every day.
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I way myself everyday, but it can get discouraging when my weight can flucuate 2-3 lbs day to day so I'm trying to way myself less, my goal is to only way myself weekly but it's so tempting to jump on the scale... thats the bad part about owning one!
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I weigh in daily, at the same time, and record it here. I like to see lots of movement on the weight report but I don't get bent out of shape when I see a five pound jump.
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Originally Posted by jwt708
I weigh in daily, at the same time, and record it here. I like to see lots of movement on the weight report but I don't get bent out of shape when I see a five pound jump.
Yep, agree, I like seeing the fluctuations, when I see those jumps I can think rationally and say, "Did you eat an extra 7000 calories this week? Did you not exercise? well then that gain is a fluctutation, not a "gain" and it will disappear in a day or so... " and I don't lose my drive to the goal.
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