Weighing yourself?

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I weigh at the same "time" of day (first thing when I get up...reguardless of what time that actually is), on the same day of the week (Wednesday, I need a bit of a chin up by mid week), wearing the same thing (nothing ), before consuming anything (including water), and after doing my morning business.

Originally Posted by lastri
...Once I took the scale in the basement and try to just weight 1 a week. Then I found myself walking down the basement every morning. So what the heck, just put it in the bathroom...
Why not just leave the scale in the basement? The daily round trip on the stairs just burns more calories . is offline  
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I weigh daily, mostly because I can't help myself. I'm not sure I am doing myself any favours though. I think I am going to try to weigh less because I am obsessing a little too much over every flucuation.
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I did not bring my scale on vacation and I should have a it would have keep me more aware I was slipping a bit!,, back home and still focused,, I like weighing everyday,, and I record it on the fridays thread

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Hi. I've been on Fitday since 2007, but just noticed this forum...ha.

I weigh myself most days. Depending on what I'm doing, I might miss a day or 2. Sometimes if I know it's going to be higher...I skip that day in order to give myself time to lose it

If the scale goes up, I am motivated to lose it, if it goes down, that makes me motivated to continue what I'm doing.

Sometimes waiting a week to weigh in can cause a 4 lb gain. So I like to stay on top of it.
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I weigh myself everyday...but you have to remember that it's not just the weight that matters. At a minimum you should also keep track of the inches of your waist.

I remember around the 6 week workout range my weight started plateauing. It was really discouraging and I was ready to give up. It wasn't until I noticed that I was losing inches in my waist that kept me going. In the end, it's not the weight I want to lose it's the inches.

That is why I think everyone should also keep track of the inches in their waist.

- Sara


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Trying on clothes is a good motivator, too.

I am wearing a lot of stuff I haven't worn in forever.

I have different stacks. There's a big pile of stuff that's flat out too big that I never want to wear again (it's going to Good Will).

There's a stack of clothes that I'll still wear, but is pretty loose so if I want to wear it again, now's the time.

I have a stack of stuff that fits nice.

I have a stack of fits, but a little snugger than I like.

Then there's the stack of stuff that is flat out too small.

Every now and then I'll try on some of the clothes and it's fun when it moves stacks because I'm losing weight.
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I weigh myself every morning as well,but I don't let myself obsess on it because I expect some fluctuation...I do find that if I have been vigilant about my water intake, there seems to be less fluctuation in my weight from day to day.
I do my measurements once a month or so and it is a nice little validation when I feel like the pounds have not been coming off as fast as I would like.
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I weigh every few days or so. When it goes down, it goes into the permanent Fit Day log, if it goes up I put it on a sticky note. It motivates me when I look at the Report's 'Weight Change' chart only showing the downward trend. The longer lines between recorded weights doesn't bother me as much the lines going up. It's a mind trick that works for me.
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Just a personal opinion, please don't attack me for it.

I don't think you should weight yourself that much. Just keep on working out and make sure to follow a solid healthy dieting plan.

You will see results, you will even feel it and you won't need a scale to tell you that.
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I weigh daily, first thing in the morning, always looking forward to the result. I bought a beam balance and have been weighing for the past few months as I deliberately try to lose weight. I'm presently half way from 161 to 135. It's been quite a mystery why weight sometimes goes up when I think I'm eating ok.

I discovered Fitday only three days ago and now I'm really excited to weigh all my food and get a handle on calories, carbs, etc. Now I can get serious about following a strict very low carb diet. Weight is already plunging!
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