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Injured...and weight not going away? I finally found something that works! >

Injured...and weight not going away? I finally found something that works!

Injured...and weight not going away? I finally found something that works!

Old 02-27-2012, 05:00 PM
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Default Injured...and weight not going away? I finally found something that works!

I have a pretty similar story to most, and finally found something that works. I hope this can help someone else who might need it:

I was 150 lbs in 2009, great shape and in the military. In July, at only 20, I was injured (back injury) and was put on all kinds of pain meds (including pain injections, or steroid shots) that made me gain weight. I knew that I was injured but I continued to eat like I had before the injury (when I was actually exercising or moving). I ate pizza, sweet tea, burgers, fries, all the rest of it and before, when I was moving all the time, I was able to eat this stuff and stay fit. But now that I wasn't moving very much, not being able to walk more than 10 minutes without being in pain, the weight started adding and adding and before I knew it, I was almost double my size!

This continued for 2 long years. Nov 2011, I was 262, my heavist. I tried to eat right, walk a little more and yet no weight came off.

I'm still young, in college, 2 dogs, a husband, and a full time job. Weight watchers, jenny craig and all the rest are so expensive and because I'm picky about what I eat, I never gave them a try. Finally, in January (2012) my VA rep suggested Curves, so I went.

The machines allow me to sit while I work out and are based on cylindar pressure rather than free weights, been 3x a week, for 30 minutes a piece (that's how long it takes to complete one workout). To go to this Curves program it's only 35$ a month and I got an introductory price of 0 to sign up. The program is only for woman (downside) but it allows you to keep track of your workouts and shows you how many inches you've lost every month. It's low intesity so it doesn't hurt my back, which is what I really needed!

They also have a program called Curves Complete which is similar to Fitday. It tells you what you can and cannot eat, from fast food to grocery store to sit-down restaurants. Only downside is, it's expensive. I got one week free and entered everything into Fitday. In that 1st week, I lost 5.2 pounds! After the first week, I tried mimicking what I had done and in the 2nd week I lost 2.6 pounds (total of about 8 pounds so far, went from 262.6 to 254.5 in two weeks). I'm probably not going to buy the Curves Complete because I simply cannot afford it but I did mimick most of the stuff I could eat and just continued eating those things.

I only wrote this because I've met others in similar situations who are not used to this dieting thing or losing weight. I tried for about 1.5 year to follow this diet and that diet and I either never stuck with it, or I felt sick all the time and stopped. I wanted to share my experience over these past two weeks and give you all an example of my daily diet:

Chocoalte Protein Shake (breakfast)
1 cup canteloupe and 1 laughing cow swiss creme cheese wedge (snack)
1 lean cuisine (lunch anyone I wanted) and 12 almonds
2 tbsp peanut butter and rice cake (snack and actually pretty darn good)
1 piece Sirloin steak, sweet potatoe fries, green beans (dinner)
1 skinny cow ice cream sandwhich (desert)
3-5 bottles a water daily

My daily calories are between 1300-1600 and usually don't go over 1600. I feel full all day and even more energized. I haven't started a multi-vitamin or anything, just made better decisions. The only thing I change is on the weekends I might have Kashi Go-lean protein cereal and 2% milk instead of the protein shake and I change dinners every night.
For example:
My husband and I went by fast food before I went to school (after work) and we stopped by KFC. Instead of the double down sandwhich I love so much and potatoe wedges, I got 1 piece grilled chicken breast, baked beans, green beans and a biscuit. It was fabulous! and fit into my daily calories perfectly! I got a half greek salad and half ceaser sandwhich on 3 cheese from Panera Bread last week!

Although the first few days were hard, I was able to see the difference in my clothes by the fourth day and after stepping on that scale, I felt great that I was actually losing weight! When my husband orders Chinese, I simply make a greek salad and put grapes and strawberries on the side. It's been going great. I didn't think it was possible to lose the weight after trying for so long and having that injury hold me back, but at least I'm seeing some improvement now. My goals were set to high, I expected the weight to just drop off of me and after a week, if I had only lost 1 pound I just said bump it and ate what I wanted. Now, my goals are reasonalbe and I expect to reach them!

I hope this helps anyone who's injured or trying this weight loss thing for the first time. I didn't try any fads or surgerys or no carb diets. This is the first weight loss I've seen in over 2 years and I couldn't be more happy!
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Old 02-27-2012, 06:43 PM
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way to go, airbabygurl!

You are right, trying to eat out and make good choices can be difficult, but if you take the time to see what the calories are in what you want to get, it helps so much with staying within your daily calorie goals. Good for you, and don't give up!!

40 something and insulin dependent since Jan 2011
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current wt: 157 LBS
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Default UPDATE- 11 lbs in 3 weeks!

I've been following the Curves complete meal plan now since Feb 13th (a little over 3 weeks) and I'm down 11 lbs!!!!

I didn't buy the meal plan, I simply re-use most of the recipes and items I ate that first week (with a few additions). I keep it as simple as possible, that way I don't get carried away trying to input everything into fitday or confused by all the ingredients.

I've lost 13.5 inches around my body and 5 just from my waist. The meals are great and I love love love the changes I see! Today's meal plan:

Special K Chocolate protein shake (breakfast)
12 unsalted almonds and 1 cup cateloupe (morning snack)
Healthy Choice artisan style cheese pizza (lunch)
1/3 bag of BBQ style Beef Jerky (or) 1 tpsp natural jiffy peanut butter and 1 rice cake (afternoon snack)
Italian inspired meatballs (3 balls) (dinner)
Corn on the cob nibblets
French green beans
1 Skinny cow ice cream sandwhich

I hope that everyone reaches their goal this week and continues losing weight!

(PS) I also stuck an old photo (2 yrs ago, before the injury) up on my wall at work to motivate me more. Just a suggestion!
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Elliptical machines are great for those who are prone to injury or are already injured since they deliver low impact workouts and are much easier on the joints than other equipment. Most elliptical machine comes with upper body arm bars that move, you can work not only your legs but your arms as well. Thanks.
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