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Default I increase it for days I'm very active

I consume on average 10% of my daily calories in protein or about 63g a day (.84g/kg) when I am moderately active, and when I become very active, I see it go up to about 110g. The increase is mostly because I have trouble betting enough calories from fruits and vegetables when I am very active. I either eat 20 bananas a day, or I throw in some beans, lentils, nuts, etc.

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Default About 1.5 g. per lean body weight for me, while keeping the fat low

I am 134 lbs and I get 170g - 180g of protein per day. Its not hard to get and my fat is below 20g along with carbs.

I eat lots of lean meats - protein is the staple of my meals.
Chicken Breast
Egg Whites (only)

Thats 7 meals a day at about 25g of protein each meal and Its not all that much food. so thats 4oz of chicken, or 7 egg whites, or 3 oz of turkey, or a protein shake, or 1 cup of cottage cheese (fat free), and three days a week I have 4oz of Beef flank. (on lifting days)

Weigh it out - 4oz is not a whole lot.

oh and my calories are at about 1000 to 1200 a day

My goal - to lean up (lose fat without losing any muscle mass) so I have about 10 lbs of fat to lose.

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Default About 1 g. per lean body weight in order to preserve muscle

I'm aiming for about a 100 grams, which is probably about a gram per pound of lean body weight. I'm trying hard not to lose muscle mass as I lose weight, so that's why I'm keeping my protein that high.

I used to always wonder how people managed to eat that much protein. Then I discovered a couple of very useful things: Frozen, individually vacuum sealed tilapia fillets, and frozen, boneless chicken breast pieces.

I've always hated cooking and dealing with meat/chicken/fish because it's slimy and disgusting, and I tend to forget it in the fridge for too many days before I get around to cooking it. But I found that my grocery store has bags of frozen fish and chicken, and it's real easy to just reach in and grab one.

On my strength training days, I usually poach two tilapia fillets after my workout. That like 40-something grams of protein right there. Other times I'll take out four chicken pieces and defrost them in the microwave while the George Foreman grill heats up. Then I cook them on the grill for a few minutes, and just eat them plain, or dipped in a bit of olive oil. Or I'll cut them up and then stir fry them in a tablespoon of olive oil. Everything is better with olive oil.

I really don't like cooking. My kitchen is microscopic and hard to work in, and I'm constantly being interrupted by my darling children, who won't touch healthy food with a ten-foot pole ("Ewww, it has texture! And smell! Gag! How am I supposed to eat that?!"), so it's rarely worth any kind of effort. So I'm a big fan of quick, one-ingredient foods.

Oh, and tuna. I'll eat a can (4 oz, drained) of tuna with a spoonful of chutney mixed in. You can also mix cottage cheese into it, too. It's not too pretty to look at, but it's good, and has a lot of protein.

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Default Weight coming off faster with increased fat calories

I had been in the 160g-200g/ day protein range with a standard low-fat approach. In transitioning to Primal, though, I noticed my protein intake is dipping as I increase the fat calories. I'm closer to 120g/day now, but the pounds are coming off again, and faster this time.

I'm 5'10", male, currently 178lbs (down from near 200), targeting low-160s.

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Default I get more protein when I'm more active

It really depends on my activity levels. Recently I haven't been doing too much movement so I'm probably (guess) getting around 50-70g/day. This has come from my morning oatmeal with protein added, cheese (love plain mozzarella), and a small amount of meat, lentils, and different types of beans. Small amounts come from vegetables too.

When I'm more active (lifting weights 4 times a week, some form of cardio every day) I try to get minimum 100g, shooting for 130g/day. Usually this involves, in addition to the above, more protein powder (mixed into milk), more meat, eggs, and more beans and veggies. Hm.... I guess that's more food in general =]

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Default 30-40%

The question is how many grams of protein do you eat per day. Generally I'm all over the map, usually between 80-150 grams depending on the day. I aim for around 130-150, which if I keep it to my calorie budget is between 30-40% of my intake.

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Default 30%

30% of my calories for protein, usually about 100 gm., all from real food. I don't do protein powders.

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Default 30%

Originally Posted by koszowv View Post
How much protein should I be getting? Any suggestions?

I personally try to get 30% of my calories from protein. A general rule is .5 to 1.0 gram of protein per pound of LEAN body weight. You can stretch this to 1.5 grams if you are weight training heavy.

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Default 30%

If you eat more protein than you need, your body will convert it to glucose. This metabolic pathway is less efficient than carbohydrate metabolism, which is why you can eat the same amount of calories on Atkins but lose more weight-your body is putting a lot more resources into processing protein for fuel. This also produces more metabolic byproducts which your kidneys have to filter out, which is where people who don't do the diet right can get into trouble. I find I do best at 30% protein, 30% fat, 40% carbs but that's hard to do, and every body works differently. If I at least get protein at/above 25% and carbs at/below 50%, I'm happy.

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Default Don't confuse body weight with ***lean body weight***

Originally Posted by me2forever View Post
I read that your protein percent should be 2.5 times fat. Hope I asked that right?? My fat is too high according to that... I eat low carb about 45 a day but darn it fat seems high. Since I have to eat Gluten Free (have Celiac) don't know what to do.

The fitness magazines and internet sites seem to think .5 to 1.0 gram of protein per pound of LEAN body weight per day is the correct range. Some bodybuilding sources have indicated up to 1.5 grams per day for bodybuilders doing intense weight training workouts. The part most people get confused is using total weight not lean body weight. So for me2forever at 161 lbs and 30% body fat (this is a guess) her lean body weight would be 112.7 lb. This would indicate protein intake of 56 - 113 grams per day.

I personally try to keep my protein at 30% of my total calories. I have never worried about the fat to protein ratio since I know fat is essential for your body (little things like nutrient transport and nueral functions) and my fat is from healthy food sources like eggs, meat, olive oil and nuts.

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