Carbs or fat?

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Originally Posted by sjd01
Hello. My husband and I just started a diet that is supervised by a doctor (endocrinologist) at the Barnes/Center for Advanced Medicine in St. louis. (I lost 11.6 pounds in the first week.) The average weight loss of this medically supervised diet is suppose to be 4 to 6 pounds.

Our diet consists of

80 g of protein a day (you should have .8 - 1 gram per kg of your ideal body weight per day.) The protein is important so that you do not lose muscle!

35 g of carbs

0 g of fat

Extra vitamins and a prescription for potassium. Don't forget the potassium! Your muscles will waste if you don't get enough potassium. You need like 4000 units of potassium per day and you cannot get it all with a one a day vitamin. If you are going to cut your calories low go to your doctor and ask for a script
So your eating 460 calories a day? sorry to say but what ever "Doctor" your seeing should have his/her license pulled. This is advise is wrong on so many levels.
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Originally Posted by jackdup
I just re read your post.

If you lose weight too fast, it will probably just come back, anyway.

The experts reccomend a pound per week for long lasting results.

Also, I am willing to post my pics with my answer to your question with past and current pics of myself, anyone else?
I am. Saying that though there is little need as it looks like whatever advice you give will be sound as you are an achiever as opposed to just a talker. You have been there and done it and irrelevant of your approach being better or worse than someone else it is proven to work and that is incredibly important.
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Originally Posted by Th3velourfog
So your eating 460 calories a day? sorry to say but what ever "Doctor" your seeing should have his/her license pulled. This is advise is wrong on so many levels.
Seconded. This is almost lethal advice.
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Originally Posted by sjd01
Yes -- zero grams of fat.

There are risks to be sure. The doctor talked about problems with gallbladder and pancreas and said that you can't cheat on this diet and that when you go back to real food that I will have to slowly phase it in. Luckily I don't have a gallbladder!.

The shakes we drink are from the doctor's office. Pretty nasty tasting. And we have to drink at least three quarts of water a day to help flush out all the wastes that are going through the kidneys.

I have tried so many diets over the years. With a bmi of 41.8 I was seriously considering weight loss surgery. I thought I would give this a shot. We are 8 days in and I have lost 12.2 pounds and my husband 14.

Pros: Losing weight. Not hungry

Cons: Low energy, insomnia, restless legs [doctor says body will get used to program 2 weeks in and fatigue will diminish]

We have a friend that went to this doctor. She has diabetes and had an insulin pump. After 4 weeks on the diet she was able to get rid of the pump. After 2 months on the diet she gave up the insulin.
Do not listen to this person's 'advice'. Sorry but this is ridiculous in the extreme.

Keep it simple.

Calorie deficit is a solid way to lose weight.

Reduced carb diets are successful and have been shown to have health benefits.

Read up, learn, understand and be able to manage your diet in the future.

I would suggest the Paleo diet would be a good place for you to find the information you need. I typically diet based on the anabolic diet but this is a more specific type for weight lifters so I would not recommend this for you.
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You've got a very good insight and interesting scenario there sjd01.

We are a family of diabetic so I am really interested to learn more about how I can prevent it while I am still young.
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800 calories is not enough. The body will always try to adjust to what it is given, (homeostasis) if you won't give it enough food it will respond by lowering your metabolism. At that point you will be starving (and tired) and not losing weight. It (your body) will hold onto your fat for dear life! This will happen at some point; sooner for some, later for others.

I went thru this and my trainer explained to me why I had stopped losing weight despite dropping my calories. I know it seems almost intuitive to us, less calories = more weight loss, not always the case. As soon as I raised my calories to 1200 I started losing again.

I strive to get at least 120 gm protein, 20 to 30 gms fat and the rest in carbs. I choose low glycemic carb sources like whole grains, beans and fruit.
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Originally Posted by jen39376
I am not looking for a slow process diet, I want it over!!

It will never be over, you have to maintain for the rest of your life, which will always mean watching calories to some degree. You can eat a bit more on maintenance than when you're actively trying to lose, but only a bit. The sooner you accept this the sooner you can work on lifestyle changes you can live with for as long as you live.

I know it’s not the “healthy” way
You admit this and yet you still want to do it? The minimum for women is usually 1200 calories, for men 1500 calories, and if you have an active lifestyle you may need more. Personally I tend to average around 1400 but I have days when I go higher and I've lost 60 lbs. already since last summer.

If you're not willing to do the work and wait for it then you will regain the weight later. You can't just go back to eating 'normal' and expect not to be at the size you were before. Then all that strain was put on your body for no good reason.

but I am not starving myself or fasting so how unhealthy can it be?
Really? Does your body know that?

So if anyone can help me out with the carb to fat ratio, I would be so grateful, I have gone on so many websites researching that I am more confused then ever.
Go eat an avocado for goodness sakes.
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jen...Go buy an Atkins book! The latest one, The New Atkins for a New You (NANY), gives a lot of information on the types of carbs we need and how much fat/protein we should get for a healthy body. I've forgotten what else I was going to say, but you need to educate yourself and then use what works for your body. If you can't buy the book, go to the Atkins website and take some of their web classes. You'll love the information and the Atkins Nutritional Approach (ANA) is research-based and very easy to follow.
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