Good cardio ideas?

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Default Good cardio ideas?

I like to go for a jog every morning but I kind of want to have some other cardio options.

What are some other good cardio exercises I can do? I just want to get my heart pounding and have sweat pouring down my chin!
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Swimming, biking and hiking are all good cardio options. If you want to be inside, you could do an elliptical machine or stationary bike. A spin class always gets me dripping with sweat. Any fitness class like step or kickboxing will get your heart rate up and have you sweating by the end.

You can even change up your morning jog by doing some hill repeats or speeding up for a minute or so and then rest by jogging slowly and repeating that.
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jumping rope
dancing (with a video game or just music)
hula hoop
rigorous calisthenics or weight lifting
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Default ditto

A couple hours of yardwork is an intense workout for me...pruning trees n hauling limbs. I feel it for days. I second the walking and dancing! It is nice to change up the treadmill walking by getting outside (and enjoy the summer while ya still can). walking is so low impact I dont have to worry about my knees, so I really like that aspect. Walking with someone is much more enjoyable for me.
i've been dancing regularly with my almost 3 yr old girl and must say we are having a blast doing that.
she looks forward to it everyday now and so do i.
she requests it even. I que up some favorite songs and then we sing n shake it.

Always before when I worked out, I did it alone. Including others (just family) has been a HUGE wake up call. It is no longer a dreaded task or chore, but something to look forward to. My days feel more fun and exuberant. I had forgotten how much I truly love to dance.
I hope you find some worthwhile activities!! Please share if you happen upon something. I'm sure we are all looking for more ideas.

some1 mentioned jump rope. I may just have to try that
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I have been doing High Impact Training. Not as initimidating as it may sound. If your not basically follow along a video. Doing many different excersises using mostly your own body weight for resistance. Really work up a good sweat.
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Thanks everyone! I'll take your suggestions and try them out.

I'd also still like some more ideas?
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I do this in the basketball court at my gym
12 Spidermans
sprint both sides
6 Burpees
sprint both sides
12 runners sit ups
sprint both sides
100 jump ropes

This usually leaves me drenched and out of breath.
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Smile What happens when?

Well, I have been urgently busy the last few weeks. Lots going on and never enough time. The name of this forum is the 100 pound to lose thread.... right?

Now I am within 80 pounds of my target and am starting to think it is possible. When I started this journey I needed to drop a paltry 200 plus pounds so the prospect of actually getting their was more of a fantasy than a reality. NOW that I am the scourge of the thrift shops buying ever smaller sizes, it looks possible.

Why the mufti-paragraph rant? Thanks for asking! I would NEVER have been able to stay the course without the tools, help and support I found here.

Say it with me..... "we're #1, we're #1," (rinse and repeat!)

Your friend and supporter
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