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Default Exercise Ideas and tips

I'm 23 yrs old in a month, I just had my second child 4.5 months ago. Since about 10 yrs old I've started getting heavy. I'm about 244lbs last I weighed myself. I have tried Weight Watchers for 1.5 yrs and sadly gained all 24lbs back that I lost while on it, since then. I eat reasonably healthy, but any healthy snack/meal ideas would be great along with quick ideas on works outs. I have a treadmill which I have started using again. Any ideas are greatly and muchly appreciated!
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30 day shred! It's a DVD by Jillian Michaels. It's tough but it's only 20 minutes and has strength, cardio and abs. You can do anything for 20 minutes!
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Eat more protein, at least 1/2 gram per pound.
Remove all sugars and I mean ALL.
No bread, pasta, potatoes. Don't snack. If you're snacking then your diet is not feeding you enough.
No more then 100 carbs daily.

Weight loss happens in the kitchen. Any exercise is better then none. Do it daily. Walk, don't take the car.
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Default training and exercises

As per my view the perfect idea to have a perfect balance of your body is the only way to do always yoga it will help a lot to loose weight and use to have a juice and fruits in breakfast. Try to follow this in a daily routine it is going to help a lot in loosing weight. So I will suggest doing training and exercises daily. This will help you to maintain a good health and body. So do always exercise and training.
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For workouts, figure out ways to make it fun and not just drudgery and I think you will keep up with it more. Watch something interesting or just plain fun on TV or listen to a book while you walk that you enjoy. Or, do the treadmill first thing in the day if you can so you feel like you've accomplished something all day. With two kids fitting in workouts are going to be difficult.

I get a lot from a gym and a lot of those have day care. You could try getting into a routine of going to one class. You will meet people and even if you don't talk to them much, it will be a social time for you. I find it easier to exercise if I know I am going to see people I know. Or if you simply go at the same time, you will see the same people.

Stay positive. You can do this.
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