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Old 06-24-2011, 07:48 AM   #1
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Lightbulb CHALLENGE: Lose 22 LBS by Oct 1st, 2011 ALL SHAPES AND SIZES WELCOME!

Hello Fitdayers!

My 2011 New Year resolution was to lose 22 LBS. Try as I have I have gained some and lost some as the year has progressed but unfortunately have missed the mark on achieving my goal weight. I am now done trying and am ready to actually DO this! I hope to bring in the last half of the year with a weight loss success under my belt, a 22 LB one to be exact!

This challenge is to lose 22 LBS in 3 months and it is open to anyone who needs that 2011 second chance and a buddy to lose weight with. The more the merrier as I need all the support I can get. You can join anytime!

I will be starting this challenge on June 24th, 2011. My only request is that you introduce yourself and list your starting weight and goal weight. The only rule is to weigh in once a week as I will be doing so too. Feel free to rant and ask questions anytime! The lord knows I will be because I need lots of support to keep me accountable!

Let's join together and kick weight loss butt! Cheers to a healthy New Year!

Start date: June 24th, 2011
End date: October 1st, 2011

I'll go ahead and introduce myself,

Hi! My name is Nicole and I have been a member of Fitday since the beginning of this year. After some trial and error it has come to my attention that I overeat because I get bored or lonely. I am hoping a group challenge along with support from others will be what I need to help me achieve my weight loss goal. My desire to lose weight is to overcome unhealthy eating habits and to take my semi professional athletic career to a professional level.

6/24/11 Start Weight: 115 LBS
10/1/11 Goal Weight: 93 LBS


Looking forward to hearing from everyone!

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Old 07-01-2011, 03:51 PM   #2
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I'm Game but my start date is July 1st. I weigh 145 and 22ibs is about what I need to lose.
I will report in every Friday with my weight. Have a good weekend and eat well!

Oh I guess I should tell you my plan for losing weight. I am following the Food Lovers Diet and using P90X Lean routine for my exercise.
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Old 07-04-2011, 07:02 PM   #3
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Started my program 7/2/11...one day off. Was 145 now I am 143
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Old 07-06-2011, 04:22 PM   #4
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Hi my name is Qamar and I started the program in July 4th. My current weight is 192lbs and my target weight is 170lbs.
This is my first serious attempt and I am not really following any diet. I am trying to keep my daily caloric intake to less than 2500, reducing my daily carb intake to 25%, working out (TRX) 3 days a week and other sports/ cardio activities 1-2 days a week.
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Old 07-07-2011, 12:21 AM   #5
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Default sign me up!

this is what i need. yay! I had already decided to lose 10% of my weight from when I joined fitday, which is 202. So another couple lbs won't hurt and it definitely seems feasible.
Is there a particular day everyone is weighing?

start: 6/28/11
end: 10/1/11
Goal weight: 180

My name is Karen. I am a mother, wife, daily meditator, and business owner.

At least by 3rd grade I was using food like a drug to cope with my unhealthy home environment. Lil debbie fudge rounds and the like were my comfort for years. During my latter teens and twenties I discovered real drugs, so there have been times in my life where I was at a healthy weight....it was just done in a manner that was certainly NOT healthy.
Now I am leading a completely different life...one with a loving home and family. I no longer need to eat for its sedative effect. I will always struggle w turning to food when stressed, grieving, etc. I would rather struggle than continue giving in at this point.
My daughter is a big motivating factor for me. I want to model positive food behaviors for her. We grow many vegetables and she loves it. The crops are still producing beautifully this year. Such wonderful veggies make eating nutritiously a delight.
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Old 07-07-2011, 04:53 AM   #6
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Default game on

i'm game! my name is joy- i just joined fitday today, but i've been dieting on and off for about 3 months without success. i just keep losing the same 3-4 lbs. over and over again.
today: 143 lbs.
goal: 121 lbs
i'm following a high protein/low carb diet, and just got an elliptical...

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