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Default Weighing In...

Hello everyone!

I joined Fit a few days ago...how often should I weight myself? I've heard everyday, weekly, biweekly..
I think if I weighed myself everyday it would become obsessive for me..or would I be more aware of what goes into my mouth..
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Some do daily, some do weekly, some even do monthly. Some don't weigh at all but take measurements instead.

If you're going to do it every day, do it at the same time, and be prepared for fluctuations and some increases even when you're doing everything right. If you think that'll freak you out, consider weekly. A lot of things can cause variations even when you're on target with diet and exercise.

It is possible to be obsessed with it. I got to a point where I was last year and finally had to have my husband take the scale to work for two weeks.

Now I weigh daily if I'm doing well, but after I've had a big slip up I usually give it four or five days so I don't totally discourage myself.
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I think weighing everyday can become an obsession and it can be misleading and frustrating because of natural fluctuations.

I would use FitDay as a way to be aware of what you are eating and only weigh once a week. For me, seeing my food log and calorie balance is pretty satisfying and keeps me on track.

I'm not weighing myself at all right now. I have a pair of jeans I try on every week or two and my regular clothes are getting baggy so that's good enough for me!

Good luck and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!
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I weigh myself every morning, but that was after trying a few different methods. I heard once a week was a good standard, but I tried that and found that I lost my sense of accountability. I'd think, "Oh, I don't have to weigh myself for a week, one bad day won't hurt." But, as I'm sure you know, one bad day has a tendency to turn into several, and so on and so forth. For me, even just a tenth of a pound lost is a motivator, so I do it every day for that reason. I could see, however, that it might not work for everyone.

That's my two cents!

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I try to weigh myself every morning, about the same time. This is not always possible. The real problem I have with this is on days that I know will show a gain because I ate too much the day before. I really hate stepping on the scale in that situation, but I try to force myself to do it and then enter it in FITDAY.

I don't think weighing myself every week would be best for me, but I understand that different strategies work best for different people. I guess it is more of an individual choice, with guidance from the experts.
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