Man, Why Do I Keep Doing This???

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Eat whatever you want, whenever you want, but watch the calories. How much is that CC adding to your calories? If you're 'under' your limit for the day, then so what? You had that instead of ice cream, or a candy bar, or something else caloric. So what? Did it make your calorie count go way up? That's why you gain weight, pushing that calorie count up...

If you didn't even go over your calorie limit for the day, stop beating yourself up over 'good' foods and 'bad' foods. They are just categories that shift around in diet trends, but calories always are the way of losing or gaining weight. If you ate 4,000 calories of broccoli yesterday, you'd have gone over your limit of calories for the day, I'm guessing. Would it change it any to know that you consider broccoli to be good, while you consider CC to be bad?

I'm assuming you use the fitday log to keep track of how many calories you eat. I could be wrong. You don't give any information about whether this awful habit is causing you to gain weight... it is actually possible to lose weight eating CC cereal. That is, if you are under your calorie limit.
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Originally Posted by sw07 View Post
Sometimes a half glass of red wine will suffice.
Really SW? Who drinks just half a glass of red wine?
Half a bottle... now you're talking
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Some great replies there. I really appreciate it guys. One of the main things is my wife hadn't bought our usual mix of healthy groceries yet. Paycheck pending. LOL. Like I said, the replies are great, and I will keep them in mind. I am a big fan of boiled eggs. Easy and good protein. I usually have two when I am wanting something I shouldn't have.

Thanks again.
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Do you mean that you eat healthily some of the time and not the rest of the time depending on finances? Uneven eating habits might be part of the problem if that's the case.
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No I didn't mean for it to come out that way. We have healthy stuff here. I had a great turkey wrap for lunch today along with pineapple. I just meant that there wasn't as many healthy snacks because we were just about out of some of the fruits and stuff. She got paid today and the fridge is well stocked now.

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Originally Posted by collegefbfan8898 View Post
I always eat a healthy breakfast and lunch, and snacks for that matter. My supper is always healthy. I have stayed away from fast food and the buffets also. I drink water (the only thing I drink) even though I could probably drink more.

How come about 3 hours after supper I break down and have something that screws the whole day up? Supper tonight was chicken breast with a baked potato (ran out of sweet potatoes), and broccoli. Great supper. A few minutes ago, I had to have a bowl of Captain Crunch (I wish that crap wasn't here). Why? I mean why did I have to have that snack?

Why do I have these breakdowns and screw the entire day up?
Did you pay attention why you are eating? Were you hungry? Or just bored?
The reason I ask because I did that too. Sometimes I feel a little bit hungry right before bed. If I was good, I just have a glass of water and go to bed. I was hungry but not so terrible that I can't sleep. I feel good the next morning because I wasn't sabotage myself.
Sometimes though, I convinced myself to just eat a little (100 cals). When I did that, 100 cal came after another, before i know it I sabotaged myself.

Bottom line: take a minutes to find out why you want to eat. It takes some practice.
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I had the same problem so I started making air popped popcorn and eat it plain. I can have four cups for just over 100 calories and I don't feel guilty. It might not be what your craving but if you are hungry or bored you will eat it. Good luck.
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Default Oh sweet wine

Originally Posted by RunbikeSki View Post
Really SW? Who drinks just half a glass of red wine?
Half a bottle... now you're talking
Yup that's my downfall. I can be good all day or all week but when the wine is opened the willpower goes and the appetite for rubbish increases. At home alone i can usually stay away from the bottle but if a friend calls in or i go to theirs or we go out................
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I understand this too well

Is there something else you can do instead of eating? Go for a walk, have a shower, brush and floss your teeth, paint your nails?
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