Wow, what shocker!!

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Default Wow, what shocker!!

I had my weigh in today and I was so excited. I had what I thought was another perfect week of diet/exercise. I am feeling so good and positive about what I am doing and then BAM only -2 pound loss. Thanks to Fitday, I was able to eat the exact same thing everyday, workout the same days thinking I could match my -10 pound loss the week before.

I guess the positive is my energy level is increasing and I can workout longer and harder without getting winded. Plus my clothes are fitting better and my belt is out of notches.

Until next week...
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Garry, if you're anything like me, you'll see cycles--a big week, then one or two smaller ones. Same food, same exercise--who knows why? I can look back over 10 months of data and see the sine wave. The big thing I focus on is average loss per week, which over the course of a month should be somewhat consistant.

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Default I have an unscientific theory about this

When I am being true to my fitness and diet program and I am not losing, I just keep going, telling myself "eventually my body HAS to let go of the fat. It wants to hang on sometimes.

12 pounds in two weeks is amazing.
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Your body likes to adapt to whatever you throw at it, so it's natural that gains/losses would slow down over time. But you still have to keep at it. As long as you're still losing weight you're going in the right direction. You have all the right tools, and you have the determination, so just keep at it!

The body is a complex beast and your weight isn't the only measure of your health by far. You're newfound discipline and energy are likely making other positive changes in your body besides just dropping weight.

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whats the main exercise you do to have lost all that weight? (congrats by the way )
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Default Kudos to you!

Great job, Garry! Keep on making your best effort and good things will happen....Not only weight loss but increased flexibility and both physical and mental vitality. The key thing is to focus on the long run in your personal evolution into a healthier life. Again, my friend, good for you!

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