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My worst weakness is giving in to temptation when out with friends. Eating and drinking healthy when out is a major challange - and one I have to face again tonight. I don't think there is an online menu for where we are going or I would plan my order.

My food addiction is Coca Cola. Right now it is not bothering me and a 64 oz bottle has been sitting in the house since Christmas. When I'm not in control I would drink that in one day and be out buying a case. 4-6 cans a day when "using".

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I have way too many (this thread is totally food porn)

At the top of my list is starchy carbs (potatoes, pasta etc.) but most especially RICE. Especially Rice-a-Roni. That was my thing - to make a box or two of that and eat it when alone. Like an addict. Except with delicious sodium-filled rice.

Mozzarella Sticks
Crown Royal and Gingerale mixed drink
Honey Barbecue Wings
Nachos covered in beef and white queso
Warm, piping-hot, fresh-cooked bread with crunchy crusts
Those Cheddar Cheese biscuit things at Red Lobster (if you didn't know, you can totally buy those by the dozen and take them home.)
Chicken Parmesean subs

As you can probably gather, I tend towards the savory/salty/cheesy rather than sweets. Never did have a big sweet tooth. You can put a plate of cookies in front of me and I'm like "meh" and I might eat one. But keep those carbs AWAY!
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You are right -- this is food porn! I had forgotten about Red Lobster biscuits. Now I'm salivating thinking about Red Lobster! No more reading this thread. LOL Mary
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my weakness is Going out to eat. its like i crave it like a ciggarette sometimes. mostly chinese food, that stuff can make my mouth drool.... also another weakness is getting my butt off the couch and getting the motivation to go jogging. i want to lose weight before it gets to bad.

135lbs and 5"1 at 21 years old... no kids.. not good lol
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Cookies- currently Carmel Delite girl scout cookies Other favorites include: chocolate chip and sandwich cookies (oreos, etc).

Another weakness is french fries!
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Mint chocolate chip ice cream, any flavor of sherbet!!
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Chocolate chips! For some stupid reason, I can't have them in the house!
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Fries Fries Fries Fries Fries.....
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Cakes and cookies! Especially hot from the oven...

Which is only made worse by the fact I'm the one everyone comes to when they want something baked, for themselves or for a special occasion, hence I've told them I'm not doing any more baking 'til Lent's over!

Oh, and Pringles (and any other crisp/chip that comes in a tube). The ad says "once you pop, you can't stop" and they certainly got that right in my case!
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number one weakness, far ahead of anything else: unsalted nuts - esp. cashews and almonds
then soft, moist cake, cream cakes, anything sweet and moist really, and mousse of any flavor, and jelly
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