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Old 03-11-2011, 08:05 PM   #11
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love this thread:

my tops:

1. fitday forums- without everyone idk where i'd be..
2. eating a smoothie for breakfast every morning
3. fat free southwest ranch dip (40 calories for 2 TBSP)
4. supportive family
5. getting noticed- especially by my boyfriend
6. before pictures- i took them 9 weeks ago and plan on taking another set on 4/1- dying to see what they look like right next to eachother
7. bathing suit shopping- i've got my eye on a vintage bikini, that's right- BIKINI
8. feeling better about my choices- determined never to be fat again.
9. APPLES- i love them and eat one almost every day
10. my friend brittany is my cheerleader- she has been amazing.

i love who i have become; fiece, fit and fabulous.

I am worth ALL of this effort
and so are you...
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Old 03-11-2011, 08:39 PM   #12
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1* Remembering how I felt when I was in good shape and how the pressure of the weight on my knees wasn't there.

2* Not being able to walk up the incline without severe difficulty when we go anywhere(Live in the mountains with no car.)

3* Stevia, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Lemons for flavoring my water

4* Cucumbers, which have rescued me from late night fridge raids.

5* Having a husband that never comments on my weight, and says I'm beautiful at any size

6* Watching videos on Youtube of new exercises, and other success stories

7* Living in a beautiful Mountainous Valley without a car- which forces me to walk everywhere and enjoy the view

8* Losing my sense of fashion because I can't fit in anything, and finding clothes for heavyset women here is practically impossible-much less cute ones-Sooo eyeballing cute clothes I wanna fit in!

9* That new wardrobe I'm gonna get when I do manage to lose all the weight

10* My self esteem- When I lose I feel a sense of pride, accomplishment, but when I slip, I feel disappointed in myself and unattractive. It keeps me from reaching for that coke instead of a flavored water.

Thank you for calling the Weight Loss Hotline. If you'd like to lose a half pound right now, press 1 eighteen thousand times. ~Randy Glasbergen
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Old 03-16-2011, 12:57 AM   #13
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1. Future plans (I want to be healthy and a good example for my kids)
2. That Special Girl
3. Cheat Day (it makes the week go faster)
4. Friends
5. Feeling Good
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Old 03-16-2011, 02:31 AM   #14
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Default Great thread

1. Finishing the hour walk on the treadmill at an incline when I didn't want to go to the gym in the first place.

2. Coffee with sugar-free creamer, french vanilla.

3. Zany grains. A microwavable pouch of indian spiced millet, seeds, lentils...great texture and awesome tase. Makes bland proteins a great meal.

4. Giant pants. All my pants are too baggy in a huge way. I remember when they were tight.

5. My friend who goes to the gym with me.

6. Fit n Active low fat mozzarella string cheese...60 calories

7. Steel cut oatmeal with raisins, skim milk and stevia

8. Lettuce wraps with anything tasty in them. Beats eating bread for me.

9. My pet boxer who helps me keep my sense of humor. When I'm on the floor doing Pilates, he comes and sits down on my stomach.

10. Scallops, crablegs, lobster....I reward myself for not eating fastfood.
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weight loss tips

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