Really confused....

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Default Really confused....

Ok, i've joined a Gym and have been going for 3 months, i do a Body Pump class twice a week and have 2-3 Gym sessions in between, BP class is 60 minutes and my gym sessions are usually 90 minutes, and i work hard in both.

I'm male, 37, 5'6" and weigh 100KG

At first i started to lose some weight, but now for the last 6 weeks nothing, not an ounce So, i've been trying to figure out why, i found a calculator online that said i needed to take in 3564 Calories a day to maintain my current weight, and from using the calorie calculator on here i'm averaging 2300 - 2400 a day, but no weight loss, i'm working really hard in the Gym, and for those that have done Body Pump will know it's also a hard workout.

Any idea's what's going wrong? The whole thing is becoming very demoralising
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Well, I would guess that you need to cut your calories a bit. For a 220 lb guy, that number seems a bit high, even with all the exercise.

What are you trying to lose per week? Remember, you need to maintain, on average, approximately a 3500 calorie deficit per week to lose one pound (2.2 KG) of fat. That means, on average, you must burn 500 calories more than you take in.

Personally, I like to see more like 1,000 to 1,500 a day deficit.

What do you think?

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do you feel your 2300-2400 is accurate? Do you weigh your food? Do you log everything that you eat? Are you totally honest? Do you drink enough water to pee clear? If you answer yes to all that, then you may need to change either what you are eating or lower your cals a little, or both.
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plateaus are very frustrating but common problem. Besides being brutally honest and counting any slips up you might be changing fat to muscle. Fat is actually very light so you can be losing fat with it turning up on the scales. Check you body composition and measure...also look are you more toned?? Finally i agree if you cut calories too much weight loss can slow up or stop and finally some bodies need to check more than cal...i have to cut ( unrefined bad) carbs and alcohol out almost totally to get my body into fat burning mode. good luck!
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Yea, I would say take measurements as well, if the numbers on the scale are not chaninging.

Maybe you need to decrease your calories about 1k, see how that works!
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Default What you're eating matters

If you have blood sugar spikes, your weight loss is going to stall. I got rid of refined sugar, white flour, and white rice. You need to read up on what you need to be eating.
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