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Originally Posted by RunbikeSki View Post
In our quest for quick fixes we seem to fixate on a single food or food group as "bad".

"Salt is bad", well actually it is an essential nutrient - you will die without it.
"Fat is bad" again, our bodies need to eat some fats because we cannot make all the fatty acids we need, so you gotta have some. "Rabbit fever" is old time disease people who relied on hunted game used to get because it was often so lean, they were not getting enough fat.
Now "Sugar is bad". Nope, wrong again. In and of itself it plays a very useful role in quickly getting energy into the blood stream while other foods are being slowly digested.

And when that doesn't work we focus on a specific type of fat (satuated... bad,bad,bad) or sugar (high fructose corn syrup... bad,bad,bad)

It is really all about the amounts, proportions, and balance isn't it?

Even water can be toxic if you drink too much of it!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

To paraphrase "there's no such thing as a "bad" food"! (Well, perhaps the oft vilified man-made "trans fat", "MSG" and so forth).

I truly think that a good daily mix of carbs, fat and protein from (as much as possible) unprocessed sources is the answer to long term weight management and good health.

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Originally Posted by RunbikeSki View Post
Even water can be toxic if you drink too much of it!
My second daughter is allergic to metals, including those found naturally in water. For her, 8 glasses a day is bad, but she can have some filtered water.
Hand washing and showers are really hard on her skin though.
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Originally Posted by VirusInside View Post
I also disagree that we need "the good old days" back. If we move backwards we're not progressing. We need to focus on moving forward, and making things better now, and for tomorrow. A lot of people forget that "the good old days" weren't always so great either. We've come a long way in medicine, technology, science, you name it. Of course there are plenty of negatives that come with all of that, we just have to learn how to balance it for the better. Let's not be afraid of moving forward.
I don't believe that when it was said that they were wanting the "good old days" back that it meant that we needed to go back in time before the medical, technological, and scientific advances were made. I think they were talking about going to a place like we had in the past that people took responsibility for their own actions. A time when we actually cooked and baked, not opened, thawed and (re)heated. I want to move forward, I want to bring more balance into my life, but I want to have the accountability that my parents and grandparents showed. I want to have the fresh foods, the gardens, the whole foods that they ate. I have been working hard at getting toward that place. The place where I have the good from the "good old days" and the advancements from the present days, and where I am looking forward to the future.
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Default Fast Food Nutrition Guide

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