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I crave chocolate like no bodies business. So what I do so I don't binge is I eat 1/2 oz of chocolate every night after dinner. On Sundays, if I don't cheat for the whole week, I eat a fudgecicle that's is 100 calories. I feel like I'm pampering myself everyday because I buy extra delicious stuff and having these little treats help me focus throughout the day to not eat junk food or bindge, I've actually not had a problem since I've started my diet 3 months ago. I feel like I'm actually enjoying the two or three bites of chocolate every night and find it really rewarding.

The best part is, if you plan your "cheats" into your diet then you can plan the rest of your days and focus on your reward at the end of the week.
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I try to tell myself that cravings are all in my mind.

Yesterday, I got home late from work to my darling boyfriend taking a steaming roll of cheese-covered garlic bread out of the crisper. I think I stopped dead in my tracks. We had planned on making a nice whole-wheat pasta for dinner (along with a salad) that I was looking forward to (as I was needing some carbs - I had had a couple of low-carb days before that), but I was -not- expecting garlic bread! He said he'd made it for himself, I think he didn't realize that the sight and the smell made my stomach growl.

And then I closed my eyes and I thought for a moment about what I -really- wanted. Did I want garlic bread? No. What I really wanted was all of the comforting things I associated with garlic bread - family dinners, or cozy nights on the couch with some bread, wine, and cheese. Of course I like the taste, but I like the taste of a lot of other things too.

So what I did, was I asked him to please keep the bread away from me and near him, and to just give me my dinner He did, and I found that I didn't really miss it once I had eaten and was no longer hungry, and he had a couple of pieces for himself.

I don't know, telling myself that it's not the FOOD I want but the COMFORT or the EXPERIENCE that went along with it (but not the weight!) seems to help me a lot. Your stomach just tells you when you're hungry, it doesn't crave one particular food or another, I don't think. It's all in your head, and I am taking control of my brains! You can do it!
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"You don't have to change your life today. You only need to change your day today."
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