Micheal thurmond's 6 week body make over?

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Question Micheal thurmond's 6 week body make over?

I was wondering if anyone had tried this eating plan and if so what are your thoughts on it! Please feel free to share any eating plans you found helpful to you. Me and family really need a set eating plan and there is really so much info out there, I would love to have some input from people actually on a healthy eating plan. Thanks! Any info would really be appreciated!
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From what little I've read it seems like Mr Thurmond's diet is quite restrictive and bans all fats, sugars and dairy. Seems to me like a fad diet, and if fad diets from SuperFatLoss(inc) actually worked there wouldn't be so many of them.

On restrictive diets what often happens is that you lose weight while you're on the plan but once you come off the plan and start putting the banned foods back in your diet then the weight comes back. Could you really live without milk and cheese indefinitely? So you lose in 6 weeks, put it all back in 6 months and you're back to square one while SuperFatLoss walks off into the sunset with your $100.

The reason I'm on Fitday is because it gives all the tools you need for free. It can help you calculate what your calories needs actually are. Then it can help you record and manage what you eat so you progress towards your goal.

And the real, genuine, only true way to healthy weightloss is to eat fresh food with a good mix of protein, carbs and yes, fats. A good mix would be 30% protein, 30% fat and 40% carbs. Read up a bit about good carbs v bad carbs and good fats v bad fats and you'll be equipped with everything you need.

So keep SuperFatLoss's $100 and spend it on a couple of good cookbooks and a workout DVD.
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I've got to agree with Geoffers 100%. I've been on fitday for a little over 2 weeks (since Jan. 20) and I've lost 10 pounds. Technically I'm down 17 total, but I'm still getting over a stomach bug I caught a few days ago, so I'm still expecting some of that weight to come back. Anyway, point is I've done fad diets all of my life. I'm learning to accept that I can eat anything I want, as long as I eat it mindfully, and keep track of what I put in my body. You don't have to starve yourself and restrict all your favorite foods to lose weight. I'm averaging around 15-1700 calories per day, and so far I'm having no problem sticking to the plan. Fitday is the greatest thing since sliced bread (which I'm allowed to eat btw. Take THAT atkins-ers ).
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I have to agree with Geoffers 95% only because my daughter and granddaughter do live without all dairy and cheese indefinately. It doesn't help to keep either of them healthy though.

My granddaughter is 5'8" and 210 lbs and my daughter is 5'9" and 330 lbs.

Both of these young girls tend to eat too large of portions of the wrong foods, ie, chips, cola, cookies, ect.
I am not sure that it would help my granddaughter, but Fitday would work wonders for my daughter so that she could take a look at the truth of her eating habits.

That is exactly what I did and have lost 15 lbs since Christmas.
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