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Originally Posted by almeeker
I haven't tried every kind of diet pill, but I've tried most of them. As far as I can tell they are a really good way to put your wallet on a diet, but that's about it. I do take a multivitamin that is called "Weight Smart", it's a One-A-Day product. I don't think it really does much for my weight loss, but it does have the right amount of certain vitamins that I tend to be routinely low on. It also seems to keep my immune system boosted, which is important for me as I work with little germ bags, um, I mean children. As far as an appetite suppressant, the best thing I can recommend is to keep your carbs reduced, which will in turn keep you from having a hard carb crash.
I second almeeker here on the "Weight Smart" One-A-Day product... I think it's called that...something about active metabolism? I don't know, but it's made from fish and soy, and helps me get a lot of B vitamins that I otherwise seem to lack. I like because I feel like it really is a diet 'supplement' rather than a diet 'pill.' I don't depend on it to magically keep me healthy, but since I've been taking it for a couple of weeks now I do feel more balanced. Placebo effect or not, I know it's not a bad one!
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For what it's worth, a very reputable independent study of many multi vitamins on the market found that many of them were not true to their labels, and included much less nutrients than advertised. Ironically, some of the worst offenders were among the most expensive "boutique" vitamins. I recall that One-a-Day scored very well, and that, while being among the cheapest and most available in stores, was very truthful about its contents.

I do take 1/2 serving of a multi vitamin daily (i take one rather than the two they recommend) from Trader Joe's. As was said above, placebo effect or not, I have felt more energetic since I started it. Also, I take a vitamin D supplement because my bloodwork revealed that I've been consistently very low on that. I haven't addressed this deficiency through food, so I'll be interested to see if my next round of bloodwork shows that the D supp has helped.
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If you live in a colder climate, vitamin D can be very important. Very few foods contain vitamin D (other than fish), and the best source of it (the sun) isn't bright enough during the winter months.

Vitamin D has been shown to improve immune functions, heart/cardio function, and more importantly for weight loss it gives you more energy, and can improve your mood. If you feel good, then anything will seem easier, including weight loss.
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Iodine. Do your own research. Aside from the easier weight loss, I can tell it has raised my metabolism because my body temp used to be about 96.5 and now it is around 98.2. This is a measure of metabolism. I am taking 1 drop of lugol's 2% solution (you can find it on Amazon) which gives me about 2.5mg iodine/iodide. I am much more alert, need less sleep and feel less bloated. Do your research, give it a try. It has changed my life. I did have headaches and irritability for about 2 days, but they went away.
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thats true that weight loss suppliment are help us to lose weight but after this they are harmful for we have to consult with our physician or doctors before taking this.i suggest you to do excercise like yoga to lose fat rather then to eat weight loss suppliment.because it has many advantage like it can help you to lose stomach fat.and also there are no side effect of yoga so why don't you try this? visit here to get treatment about how you can SPAM because belly is a big issue for everyone and many people trying to lose it.are you one of them then try this.

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i did not prefer this.because i know all the disadvantage of supplements.and i prefer excercise like yoga.i also do excercise llike yoga at my home.because i think it is better then to go gym and doing workout home you can do excercise according to your time and according to your health.and the most important thing while we do excercise we need fresh air.because if you do workout in fresh will get the result fastly.i do yoga at my home.because i think yoga is a best excercise to lose fat.two months back i am also a fat boy but now i have a perfect body just because of can help me to SPAM innocent forum readers and belly fat.thus i will get i suggest all the people to do yoga.

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