I cant lose weight

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You need to count calories, you may not be doing it right. Also, exercise is important, because you need to expend more energy than you consume to lose weight. How do you work out?
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Thanks for the information!
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Thanks for the information
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Maybe in your diet plan, you have more calorie food that's why you are not losing weight.
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There are multiple factors that could affect your weight to increase rather than decrease. Firstly you need to regularly exercise for at least an hour and half in which the exercise covers all parts of your body but make sure that you have a proper diet and sleep or else the exercise won't matter. Secondly if you believe that still if there is no affect on your weight then get a thyroids test done since it has an affect on the getting fat.
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If u can give rest to ur body atleast one day ur muscles will repair becoz we doing gym not for damaging our.muscles.
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I would like a few questions. Did you ever watch a video recipe for losing weight? If not, try for flat belly tonic. This is looking helpful and effective as well.
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try fasting for couple weeks and noticing the difference would be enough to keep you going for me 16:8 dry fasting is the best (eat and drink nothing for 16 hours) its even better than hard core water fasting for a week or so iv fasted for 30 days and i was eating literally everything during the 8 hours i lost 10kg....good luck
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Post My little weight loss story.

The main difficulty in losing weight is stamina. It's always harder to give something up than to accept it. My story is like this. I weigh 330 pounds. Even though I'm tall, I'm still a lot overweight. One day my girlfriend left me and I decided to take care of myself. I went on a diet more than 5 times and each time ended in a breakdown. But one day I got a strong motivation. For the next 4 months I tried very hard, exercised, breathed fresh air often, used various fasts and watched my daily routine. As a result, I now weigh 250 pounds, which is a perfectly normal weight for my height. So you should not give up what you started, even if it happened many times. We can cope with whatever life presents to us. Don't let obesity make you miserable! Thank you.
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consult a dietician
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