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Shell250 01-21-2010 04:52 PM

The Healthy Community
Hello, Continuing on with a thread from the Women's Only section "Hi, I'm new" where we built up a nice community of folks with the same goal-health. Tips, support, food talk - and whatever else might be on your mind! Everyone is welcome to join in, including men of course! :)

Diane said: "Wow, Shell, two grand is crazy!! And I hate the way the prey on us! The best "fad" I ever went on was Jenny Craig, and I did have some success with it. I don't have the money to go back right now, and I also decided that pre-packaged food diet plans weren't for me anymore. They're great for learning real portion sizes, but I wanted to learn to cook for myself. My absolute favorite thing on here is the nutrition trackers, and by making my own foods, I'm not only learning to cope in the "real world", but I'm making sure all my needs are met.

And speaking of cooking, I'm spreading the love tonight with my new dinner I whipped up, it was simple, but turned out better than I expected it to. For 479 calories I had one portion of pan-seared salmon on a bed made of 1 cup plain white rice and 1 cup collard greens, made from frozen to cut down on sodium and seasoned with garlic, onion and black pepper. It was more satisfying and it appeared on the plate!"

Hi Diane, I think we have probably all tried 'fads' at some point. The marketing is very clever...and really plays on your emotions. Getting smart now, and eating 'real' food, fresh food, nutritious food - it is a sensible and refreshing approach. I am really starting to feel good again! Sounds like a tasty recipe Diane, I do love seafood myself, it is my favorite. Had crab the other night. Although higher in cholesteral that I realized (really high!); it is also very high in protein too.

I recently watched the movie "Fathead". A supposed response to the "Supersize Me" movie. The film maker of "Fathead" eats fast food everyday; and loses weight. Definitely brings up alot of controversial issues about food and health...anyone else seen it? Rather extreme, I strongly agreed with certain aspects of it, and strongly disagreed with others. To tell you the truth, it left me feeling a little confused as far as food and nutrition goes, but on the plus side it further motivated me to be mindful of what I eat. Makes you think about nutrition, what are our bodies really designed to consume/process, the influence of marketing and how drug companies and health organizations are such driving forces in what is deemed healthy or unhealthy. I found it quite entertaining and funny with all the sarcasm too!! Worth a watch in my opinion, would love to hear what others thought of it. Fat Head - Blog site for the comedy-documentary Fat Head

Have a great day everyone!

dbrinkley80 01-21-2010 05:27 PM

Hey Shell, found the new thread! I haven't even heard of Fathead, I'll have to check it out and see if I can't get ahold of it somewhere. Sometimes ondemand puts documentaries like that on, I'll have to look for it! Have you seen the commercials for the "Taco Bell diet"? It kills me. One of the "side effects" of cleaning up my food habits, is that all that stuff is starting look disgusting to me. I look at it and just think, ewww....... Has anyone else noticed that happening?

JenniferAld 01-21-2010 06:06 PM

New to the Thread! Hehe. Anyhow, I am still at the point where Fast food still looks good to me but I have only been off of everything bad since Saturday. My boyfriend and I live together and have started to lose weight in our quest to get healhy together as well. Two things we have promised to rid ourselves of in our diet is Fast food and Soda. But I hope to get to the point where it looks nasty.

dbrinkley80 01-21-2010 06:42 PM

Hi Jennifer! I'm Diane. I wish I could get my boyfriend off of soda. He's actually really skinny but ALL he drinks is Mt. Dew. I don't know how his insides haven't shriveled up and died yet.

That's so awesome that you and your boyfriend can work on the journey together! I wish you both the best of luck! The best advice I can give you is to just clean the house out of all the junk, then you simply can't "accidently" eat it. Its saved my butt more than once this past six weeks. Although sometimes its good to have a little snippet, it will keep you from an unholy binge. My vice is bacon on either Saturday or Sunday morning. I'm a bacon whore. It has actually been easier giving up sugar than bacon. So I try to just have one or two slices and leave it at that. Find a good balance that works for you, and you will be more successful in the long run.

I'm seeing my best friend tonight, and even though she lives on the other side of town, I'm kind of hoping I end up at her house later so I can use her scale, I'm curious to know what my number is. I haven't seen it in a couple of weeks. Its probably not really changed, seeing as my measurements really haven't, but it would be nice to do a check. Its both a blessing and a curse to not have my own. :rolleyes:

kathietaylor 01-21-2010 07:01 PM

OH! Here you guys are!! LOL!!! I have been offline for a couple days as the internet went down in our area, but we are back up and running again. I felt really lost not being able to log into fitday and track my food!!

I had one really HUGE slip up the other night, I ate chicken wings which were deep fried in batter and slathered with Honey BBQ sauce. I hate to say it, but they were really yummy. This happened a day after I only logged in 900 calories! So lesson learned, don't UNDEREAT!! I was so hungry the next day that I really didn't care about the diet or healthy eating, I had freed the MONSTER!! Thankfully it was a one meal slip up and I caged the MONSTER again. Funny how that MONSTER can take over your entire being, and can make you throw out all of your good intentions and plans!

One weird, and kind of gross side effect of eating those wings, the next morning things "moved" in a volume I didn't think was humanly possible! LOL! I know, TMI, but was simply amazing! I wonder if my actual fat intake is too low, and I needed that fat injection?

I still struggle with breakfasts and exercise. I am looking for some healthy muffin ideas for breakfast. If I could make my own and freeze them, I could pop one in the microwave in the morning...I think I could handle one small muffin in the mornings.

As for the exercise, I seriously need to get ON that! I just can't seem to find the motivation. No doubt it is partly from living in the north and suffering from a little SADD, it is pretty normal to go into hibernation mode when it is dark far more hours than it is light.

I hope everyone forgives themselves for their little slip ups, and gets right back on track! Don't think of it as "cheating", think of it as an "indulgence", we all deserve to indulge ourselves OCCASIONALLY! Just don't indulge everyday.

Have a great day!!

dbrinkley80 01-21-2010 07:16 PM

Oh god, Kathy, that was too funny. I need to get better at exercising too. I really enjoy it once I get moving, its just for some reason I have to talk myself into moving everyday. So I feel you!

Shell250 01-22-2010 12:59 AM


Diane, I saw Fathead on Pay-per-view. We just stumbled across it, I had not heard of it before either!! You seem to have a good sense of humor, I think you would enjoy it! :) I like bacon too. You know what I am doing? I am buying a package of bacon, then repackaging it into 2-3 slices, and freezing the portions. So when we have bacon and eggs, we share one of these little packages. If I cook more, it is too much of a temptation. I have not eaten fast food very much over the past few years. Just once in awhile, maybe once every few months. My downfall was chips with dip, pop, chocolate, etc. which I would have 2-3+ times per week. (kills me to even admit that). :( Anyways, moving forward - no more of that craziness is going on here anymore!

Hi Kathie, lol, Oh my, that is funny! It is all about balance, isn't it? Or the body just malfunctions..! lol

Hi Jennifer, My husband and I are doing this together too. He has been very supportive. He does not need to lose as much as me, but needs to drop a few pounds and improve his eating habits. It helps alot that he is doing this too, because the junk food is just not in the house now.

I am happy to say that I have come very close to my goal of 40 carb-30 protein-30 fat the past few days. I picked up some cottage cheese to increase my protein. I don't really have a calorie plan, but it is looking like with smart food choices and proper portions, I end up around 1300-1500 calories/day. I think that is probably a good range for my weight/height. And creates a calorie deficit, which is key! Eating 5-6 small meals per day is keeping me feeling satisfied, and my energy level has been UP.

JenniferAld 01-22-2010 01:54 AM

I just got a job so I will be on my feet 20 something hours a week (compared to sitting on my butt before..) so I think that will help me even more.

I don't know if what I am doing is going to actually help me or if it's a false "I'm eating healthy and gonna lose weight" mindset. Can you all tell me what you think?

Let me start by saying what inspired us to lose weight was Alton Brown! He has apparently dropped like 50 lbs and dedicated one of his episodes to how he did what he did! We are trying to implimant those principles as best as possible. Here's what I try to do...

Yogurt 2x daily (good fir digestion.... or so "they" say.) I usually mix my yogurt with a fruit cup (mixed fruit) and a hand full of cheerios (for the whole grain).

I ALWAYS eat Breakfast... which usually includes eggs, deli ham (heated up in a pan) or bacon, and that'll be when I have my first yogurt.

I'll eat 2 ounces of mixed nuts a day (spead out)

a small lunch (usually ham and cheese in a multi-grain wrap.)

(By this point I am at 700(ish) calories)

And then I have a dinner that is usually a little more harty. Tonight I had one normal size wrap and one mini wrap (both Multi-Grain) that had rice, beans, cheese, and steak in it.

In a little while I'm gonna go over to the fitness center (every other day I do 40 minutes of Cardio) and when I come home I will have the second yogurt, and maybe the second thing of nuts... so that I can replentish my body a little... I read somewhere that u should eat something after you work out....

Oh! And I'm drinking only water

I just checked and my final count was this-






showmenow 01-22-2010 03:22 AM

Originally Posted by kathietaylor (Post 1465)
I still struggle with breakfasts and exercise. I am looking for some healthy muffin ideas for breakfast. If I could make my own and freeze them, I could pop one in the microwave in the morning...I think I could handle one small muffin in the mornings.

Hi Kathie- I have found the absolutely best fat free muffin mix! It is made by Krusteaz. They have blueberry, orange cranberry and something else. I make them all the time and put them in the freezer. I swear you will not be able to tell they are fat free- really moist and good. All you have to do is add water. Even my kids love them. I never told them they are fat free ;)

You can get on their website and find a place near you that carries them. If you don't have a place, let me know and I will ship you some. I run my own business so I am shipping stuff daily!


dbrinkley80 01-22-2010 03:30 AM

Sorry for the repost from the 100lb club thread, I got excited! I just bummed my friend's scale, and I'm down 10 pounds from my start goal to put me at an even 300! So that means 20 pounds to my first goal of 280! Its very motivating! I thought my jeans fit looser- I was just attributing it to not having washed them yet. :D

showmenow 01-22-2010 03:47 AM

Originally Posted by dbrinkley80 (Post 1505)
Sorry for the repost from the 100lb club thread, I got excited! I just bummed my friend's scale, and I'm down 10 pounds from my start goal to put me at an even 300! So that means 20 pounds to my first goal of 280! Its very motivating! I thought my jeans fit looser- I was just attributing it to not having washed them yet. :D

Way to go!! Just wait until you have to start getting smaller clothes. Nothing feels better than that. Keep up the good work. It really does get easier and then you don't WANT to eat and ruin the progress that you have made.

I was so lucky that all of my family and friends were smaller than me. They packed up literally bags and bags of clothes and gave me. I have gone from a size 32W to a 12 just this week. That is a BUNCH of sizes to go through. I would have spent a fortune if I would've had to buy clothes along the way.

I was so excited this week. I was out and decided to try on some 12's - you know just to see if they would fit LOL. When they did I was jumping for joy. The person in the next fitting room over probably wondered what the hell was going on ;) Needless to say I just had to buy them. I think I am pretty much on my own from here on out on the clothes. I don't think any of my friends are smaller than a 14!

kathietaylor 01-22-2010 06:11 AM

dbrinkley (Diane, I think?) Way to GO!! That is so excellent! There is nothing better than seeing some success. go from a 32W to a 12!! Wow, fantastic!! You are a true inspiration!

Jennifer, do you eat veggies and fresh fruit? There was none on your list, but maybe you have a pile of them in your wraps? Generally your fat intake should be between 35 - 50 grams, and mostly be the healthy fats. If I figure out HOW to do that myself I will let you know!! LOL!!

My calorie intake was too low today...which is so bad!! I need to take a day and do some serious meal planning. I have slid on the water intake as well, that is a hard one for me. I don't mind some crystal light sometimes but aspertame is supposed to be really unhealthy.

Do any of you have tricks you use to get those 6 - 8 glasses of water down??

dbrinkley80 01-22-2010 01:07 PM

Hey Kathie, (and, yes, its Diane ;) ) thank you for the salutations! I wish I had a trick for the water, I just drink it. I'm one of those freaks that doesn't mind water. I spend my mornings drinking black coffee-its my vice- and then switch over to water. I have these awesome 16-20 ounce cups from college and I just fill one up, drink it, and start over. I know some of my friends that have problems drinking water will put lemon or lime in her water. There's actually a product called True Lemon/Lime that sells it in little packets by the box that she will use. I have some friends that will only drink really really cold water. It seems like everyone has their own style when it comes to water!

As far as suggestions on fat intake, I'm surprised at how low I manage to keep it without really any effort. I'm living on mainly fruits and veggies, I suppose, but I have yogurt with breakfast, a sandwich, either turkey or ham, at lunch, and always a protein at dinner. So yeah, I guess what's working for me, that may or may not work for others, is I fill up mainly fresh, raw, fruit and foliage and it leaves me less room for other things. I also eat as lean as possible with my meats, trim off all the visible fat, buy the super lean hamburger, stuff like that. You have to watch the sodium, but pork is naturally low fat.

doggiesnot 01-22-2010 03:03 PM

Hi ladies! I'm on a health kick as well as my fiance, we both started with the new year. I'm a guy, 39 yo, 5'10", and started at 205 pounds and am now at 193. This is overweight for me as I was super skinny most of my life, 28-30 waist and only 125 pounds when I joined the Army! :-O I used to have a six-pack, and now I have a pony keg! I'm working on getting that six-pack again.

I've been using fitday to log my activities and food intake and try to keep a 500-1000 calorie deficit per day. My fiance has lost 9 pounds so far. We joined a gym together, 24-hour fitness has 2-year memberships at Costco for $300, which puts it at $12.50 per month, for all-club Sport level or below. Anyway, my biggest excuse before was that I didn't have time to work out, but with a gym only 5 minutes from the house, we both go before work everyday. I'm using a personal training to kickstart good habits, and am working out one hour a day, seven days a week. I do strength training 3 days, followed by 30 minutes of cardio, and then I do 2 days of cardio only (1 hour), and for my 2 days "off" per week, I do an hour of Yoga, which is a free class offered by the gym.

I like that I'm eating healthier now. Adding more fresh fruits and vegetables is something I've always wanted to do but never really did. When I used to go grocery shopping, I would only get bananas from the produce section, and then head to the frozen foods! (ugh!) Now, we are very selective in what we eat. For instance, I saw someone mention rice earlier, and I wanted to mention that Quinoa is a great substitute for that! :-P Also, we have wraps on wheat tortillas with deli meat and cheese. Lots of little (healthy) snacks around and trying to eat five small meals per day rather than three big ones.

I'm always looking for more recipe ideas, and to hear success stories to remind me to stay the course!

Well, I'm just getting started in my quest to be healthier, so I'm sure you'll see lots more of me on here. I guess that's all about me, what is everyone else's story? How far in your quest are you?

Shell250 01-22-2010 03:09 PM

Hello all,

Way to go Diane, it is a GREAT feeling!! Yay!

Jennifer, I think with all your lifestyle changes, including the change of job, and the fact you are tracking your food, will all work towards helping you lose weight, for sure!!! Eating healthy is one thing, but I think we have to watch the combination of Carb/Protein/Fat. I am aiming for 40%-30%-30% each day, and watching the calories too. My fat tends to be high. Choose foods that that will boost what needs to be boosted (ie always protein for me), and lower what needs to be lowered (carbs and especially fat for me). I think we need fat, but I find it skyrockets really quickly for me. That is what I love about this system, it really keeps me accountable. And keeping an eye on the nutrition too. If we don't give our body all the nutrition it needs, it won't work properly to burn the excess fat. That is my spin on it, and what I am striving for!

Someone (daveh?) said in another thread regarding 'Success Stories' that you almost have to become obsessed with tracking food. I am there, being very diligent with this, and looking at the graphs to see where I am at helps so much. I am looking at the breakdown of foods, and making the adjustments I need to strike a better balance of Carbs/Protein/Fat.

I am having a hard time kicking my exercise up a notch. I am walking, but not jogging or really doing any serious cardio workouts. In the past, I have done step aerobics, which left me feeling like I was going to keel over. But I did lost weight when I did this. I don't feel like I am a lazy person, but I really don't like working out!! :o Yet I feel this is necessary for weight loss and good health...or is it? Maybe brisk walking is enough...? Maybe once I drop some pounds initially, working out harder will be more enjoyable when I am a little lighter? Any feedback would be appreciated.

Hang in there everyone, and have a super day!

kathietaylor 01-22-2010 04:02 PM

hey Shell, I can tell you from past experience that walking briskly will do the trick, as long as you continue to challenge yourself. When I did my "get healthy" program in the spring and summer I walked and did Callanetics (which is a combination of ballet and yoga movements). The Callanetics were fantastic for reshaping your body. My waist shrunk unbelievably using this program. Too bad I didn't stick to it!! Imagine where I would be today if I had???

Now, to get myself motivated to start again with the exercise!!!

Hope everyone has a very successful day today!

Shell250 01-22-2010 05:09 PM

Hi Kathie, Thanks for the words of encouragement. If anything, I need to kick up my walking pace. There is no good reason I can't do that today. I do remember that a good sweat feels great, does wonders for mood, increasing energy, diffusing stress..and of course burning fat too, and heart health. Plus, after exercising I don't feel like eating as much. (Enough self-talk! lol) Rrrgh, feeling a little frustrated with myself in this department, but moving forward...!

Hi Doggie, Welcome!! Thanks for sharing your story. I currently weigh 246 lb, 40-ish, 5'10", female, and just started 2 weeks ago. I have lost 2 lb. My weight has been up and down over the years, although I have never been 'skinny'. And now I am at an all time high. My goal is to be back down to 200 lb by the end of June, and will set another goal after that. My husband is also doing this with me, which helps alot. I don't know how much he has lost, but he has lost weight because his 'Pony Keg' is looking less! :D He is not weighing himself. He has a very active job, so the change in diet has done wonders for him.

I am still a little confused with the calories. Definitely being conscience of the deficit stats, and maintaining a deficit everyday. And I also bumped DOWN my base metabolism number a little bit, just to be sure.

I am struggling with exercise, as I have been griping about here. But giving myself a firm talking to today, and a kick in the butt. :rolleyes:

I like that I'm eating healthier now too. We are much more selective with what we buy too, and we splurge on really good healthy foods, more fresh veggies, and try new recipes, instead of eating out so much. Yes, Quinoa is delicious!!! Love to try new things. Really enjoying learning about nutrition and find my stats really interesting to monitor. I have been frequenting these forums alot (maybe a little too much...), and people here have really kept me motivated too.

Thanks for being here everyone!

JenniferAld 01-22-2010 05:13 PM

Originally Posted by showmenow (Post 1503)
Hi Kathie- I have found the absolutely best fat free muffin mix! It is made by Krusteaz. They have blueberry, orange cranberry and something else. I make them all the time and put them in the freezer. I swear you will not be able to tell they are fat free- really moist and good. All you have to do is add water. Even my kids love them. I never told them they are fat free ;)

You can get on their website and find a place near you that carries them. If you don't have a place, let me know and I will ship you some. I run my own business so I am shipping stuff daily!


What's the name of them? I would like to get some.

I do eat fruits and veggies as often as possible... not as much as I need to be.

I was so discouraged for lthe past two days because I thought I weighed under 215 and yet I got on the scale (walked to Publix to check just for a starting reference) I weighed 218! And that was 4 days into my diet! I wanted to give up and throw in the towel right then... BUT didn't. Well, I walked to Publix this morning to check my weight I am at 214.5! So, I am apparently doing SOMETHING right!

Shell, With the whole exercise thing... I've found that the more I do it the easier it becomes AND I find that if I have someone to do it with I push myself more! Even if it's just a walking buddy... It causes me to push myself more. Because on the days I simply just don't want to go on a walk, or go to the Fitness Center, or what have you... if I have made plans with someone to do it I HAVE to do it no matter how I feel because they are counting in me to go with them.

showmenow 01-22-2010 05:39 PM

Jennifer (and anyone else)-Here is a link to the muffin mix. I see that they also have ff Cornbread too! If you look on the left hand side there is a tab that says "Where to buy" and you can see if there is a place close to you. If there isn't - let me know and I can send you some. You will love it!

Continental Mills - Muffin, Quick Bread & Crumb Cake Mixes

JenniferAld 01-22-2010 05:46 PM

There are no stores that carry it even within 20 miles.

showmenow 01-22-2010 06:18 PM

I have an idea. I can set up a page on my website and anyone that wants to order them can. I will get them and ship them out. It will take me a day or two to get it set-up. I will need to go to the store and see how much they cost. I don't want to overcharge anyone. Does that sound good?

JenniferAld 01-22-2010 07:42 PM

I would buy them... that's for sure!

kathietaylor 01-23-2010 04:51 PM

Hi there my friends!! How is everyone on this saturday!?? The weekend is upon us, and is often a challenge to stay on track. What are your plans to keep to the program?

For me, I have to stay away from restaurants and bars. No going out for me! As someone mentioned in an earlier thread, our socializing in today's society seems to revolve around food! If I do any socializing at all it will be with my sister and or 2nd daughter as they are both trying to eat healthy and lose some weight as well.

I stepped on the scale this morning - I know, I know, weighing once a week is better, but I just can't help myself - and I was down to 166.8! That is a .4 lb loss. I was pretty hyped by that! I think I am going to try making some healthy muffins from scratach today...I am going to add oats, bran, whole wheat flour, applesauce, raisins and anything else that seems like a good idea. I did read that you can add whey protein powder to your muffins for added protein...that is an interesting idea.

Looking forward to hearing your plans for the weekend!

Shell250 01-23-2010 05:23 PM

Hi Jennifer, Thanks for the support! :) Hey, you can probably order that muffin mix and they will ship it to you. I would contact the company and inquire.

Weighed myself, and no loss this week (but no gain either). Didn't do any measurements, but will next Friday. I sort of blew it last night. Went out to a concert and I was snacking like crazy. CRAZY, RGH! Logged each and every detail this morning. Good to see the whole breakdown of my day, really a great reminder. But back on the wagon again today. Weekends are hard for me, and I need to get out of that free-for-all-mode that I tend to allow myself to slip into on weekends. Those days are over.

Today, I am going to cook up some salmon, Quinoa, veggies, drink lots of water - good clean food. :)

OOPS Sorry, didn't see Showmenow's offer to ship the mix! I may check that out myself if I can't find it locally...

Way to go Jennifer! No more socializing planned for me this weekend. I am also going to get my grocery list in order and think about meal planning for the week. AND getting on the treadmill today too!

dbrinkley80 01-23-2010 05:40 PM

Hello to you too, Kathie! I might be getting together with some friends tonight. We used to get together every Saturday night, but as happens, we really haven't all been together in about a year. Traditionally us getting together means everyone stopping at some fast food joint on the way over to grab something to eat at who ever's house we're gathering at. My plan tonight is to eat before I go over, and then pack some grapes to munch on during the evening, and bringing my awesome aluminum, skull paisley water bottle with me so I'm drinking water instead of whatever soda they have available.

I don't really exercise like I should. I'm kind of self conscience about hopping around the living room with my boyfriend staring at me. Then again, I've offered to show him what I'm up to sometime so he can see how insane it is. I do have a couple hours of housework that needs to be done, and I always work up a good sweat cleaning, so that will be some excerise one day this weekend! And I have archery practice Sunday, and I think I've mentioned it before, but if not, its not much on the aerobic front, but its good strength training! And its supposed to be sunny and 62 tomorrow, which makes me just itch to get outside after all this cold rain!

My biggest struggle is the lack of schedule during the weekend. Even though I'm unemployed, I get up at seven with Grady and keep normal hours. That way I can't miss any calls from potential jobs, and when I get one I don't have to spend weeks getting back to a normal routine. So I eat at normal times during the week, but there's no telling on the weekends.

So yeah, I've rambled enough for one post. Everyone have successful weekends!

JenniferAld 01-23-2010 05:59 PM

Shell, YAY for getting on the treadmill... and hey, if u didn't lose this week.. that's okay! As long as you didn't gain... it's awesome!

Today is Johnnies and my cheat meal day... and I am terrified. We promised each other that we would only have ONE cheat meal a week (which has helped both of us not give up this week at all.... when one wanted to give up we would remind each other that we only had to wait till saturday!). Our cheat meal this week is Pizza. We both love pizza and we would have it two to three times weekly before... and we would always order two large pizza's and save the left overs. Now? We're gonna order one medium pizza and throw the left overs.

I guess my thing is- I don't wanna eat pizza and then break my diet all together... ya' know? Like eat this pizza- like it to much- and then go crazy... as I've done EVERY other time I've tried to lose weight. Any advice?

P.S. I am being careful of what I am eating for everything else today. I'm not starving myself by any means but like... for Breakfast I had A piece of chicken... lunch is pizza, and dinner is gonna be all fresh veggies... to hopefully help with the calorie count in the pizza.

kathietaylor 01-23-2010 08:57 PM

Jennifer, how about making sure you pizza has a lot of veggies on it, not a meatlovers or anything similar? Give yourself a limit on how many pieces you will say 2! And supplement the meal with a salad or a veggie plate or something. It is more about portion control than anything. It is okay, and even GOOD to have a free meal during the week, but you still have to stay within reasonable limits. Oh and drink a really huge glass of water before you sit down to eat that pizza, that will really help you not overeat!

And very smart of you to chose the free meal as a lunch, rather than a supper!!

Shell, no beating yourself up over snacking last night! Consider that your indulgence for the week (as I consider my chicken wing fiasco!! LOL!) and get back at it today. Drink some extra water today to try and wash away those extra calories you ate! Have a couple of cups of green tea a day, if you can stomach is proven to assist in weight loss. I am sipping on my very first cup of green tea right now. Not lovin it, but I am gonna try and choke er down.

Diane, it sounds like you have things well in hand for your night of socializing tonight! That is great. I am like you and feel totally stupid working out in front of anyone else, unless they are doing it with me. I decided I am going to get on the treadmill today for 10 minutes. I can do 10 minutes, what is 10 minutes out of my day??? Right??? Tonight I might do another 10 minutes, but even if I don't, I can feel proud of myself for doing the first 10. I mean we have to start somewhere!!

Oh, and in case you haven't noticed....I have to be totally committed and consumed with a weightloss plan in order for it to work, which explains why I post so much of these forums, I hope you don't get sick to death of me!

Shell250 01-23-2010 11:07 PM

Hello again,

Kathie, I feel I am hanging out here waayyy too much too - but there are worse things we could be doing...right!? lol I am absolutely bent on losing this weight, and getting healthy!! I am not tired of seeing anyone here, I am thankful there are others out there like me and these forums are so active! :) Way to go getting on the treadmill. I find that the biggest hurdle is just getting on it. Once I am on, and even if I plan to do only 10 minutes, I usually end up doing more. But even if you do just do 10 minutes, any amount of time exercising is better than nothing, right? Oh, I have tried green tea, can't stand it. I have tried various brands and I just don't like it. Getting in lots of water in today though.

Jennifer, I agree with Kathie, excellent to do your 'cheat meal' as a lunch, I will have to remember that. Good idea to have a big salad too. Also very good to plan to balance out the pizza with the rest of your meals for the day, that is awesome. And remember that in moderation, all foods are OK!

Diane, Way to go planning ahead for snacking! It is a must for me. I could have planned better last night. Oh well, there is always next time! Archery sounds like fun, and yes, very good for the arms too. Have a fun night with your friends!

Hang in there everyone. We can do this, we are getting healthy! :)

kathietaylor 01-24-2010 12:10 AM

Hey Shell, I ended up doing 20 minutes on the treadmill!! Woohoo! Once I got going, 10 minutes seemed stupid, I mean it was easy and feeling good, I even put an incline on it for the second 10 minutes.

I made myself some really low cal muffins, but I made them too sweet, if you can believe that, and only 2gs of fat per muffin! Total calories 102 . I use a website called when I cook something from scratch and it analyzes it for me, its a little awkward to use, but I find it very helpful as I do cook from scratch a lot.

Anyways, thats it, just wanted to boast about my 20 minutes on the treadmill!

Shell250 01-24-2010 04:29 PM

Way to go Kathie!! :) Getting on the 'mill is always a triumph, 20 min is excellent! Sounds like a good website, I'll go and check it out.

Have a great day everyone!

JenniferAld 01-24-2010 05:37 PM

Hey All! Pizza ended up being dinner... because work called me in last minute and I didn't get to eat. I worked until ten last night and then ate (no lunch by the way) and we got a large thin crust pizza and bread sticks.... due to his request... and I hate HALF the stupid pizza! I was so mad at myself. My Calorie count was still under 2000, and my carbs were about 170. OH! And Due to plumbing issues that we were trying to fix we didn't work out yesterday at all. Grr. I am tempted to walk to publix and see my weight. Ya' know? <Sigh>

BUT I will pick back up again today and my goal is to only eat 150 calories today. No more. We shall see if I can do this. My average has been between 1700 and 1800 daily. I need to fix that.

Edit-- I walked to publix to get my snapple green tea stuff and sure enough I got on the scale! Guess what! In the past two days I still lost one pound! I am so proud of myself.

Shell250 01-24-2010 06:35 PM

Bravo Jen, congrats on the loss! I think thin crust vs thick crust pizza makes a huge difference in calories, and carbs. Good choice! That was your treat meal for the week, so don't beat yourself up over it, K? You are doing great!

Hope that is a typo and you are eating more than 150 calories today! 1500 maybe? :) :)

I just had a healthy breakfast of 1/2 Kashi 1/2 All Bran, 1% milk, blueberries and flax seed. Yum. So delicious, and so satisfying. I felt like crap all day yesterday because of my Fri-night-slip-up. Feeling back on track today.

chunkeymonkeytoo 01-24-2010 06:47 PM

Hi Shell, I know exactly how you feel. Went to a country concert at "Temecula Live" and blew it on foods too! Before the venue it was mexican food and after it was a lemon meringue pie! I don't know why I had to go so overboard. I was craving steak so bad last night and the pie ... well what can I say.
I still haven't been able to get down to 1200 calories a day! My lowest is 1500 and I've topped at 2000! I'm sure it's better than I was doing originally because i know I'm making changes I didn't give a care about before.

Don't be too hard on yourself. Your making good choices today and that is what really counts. We all fall off the wagon once in awhile.

chunkeymonkeytoo 01-24-2010 07:03 PM

Hi Jen, I know how hard it is to stay low in calories. I have a hard time staying below 2,000 cal. my goal is 1200 but it almost feels impossible. I'm more realistic really 1500 is a better goal for me right now. I think before I was eating over 3,000.

best wishes

JenniferAld 01-24-2010 07:47 PM

Opps... I DID mean 1,500... which I think I can do pretty easily. I just have to TRY. Anyhow, I need to work out again. It's been two days of nothing and if I don't start back again tonight I will not wanna work out... ever.

My boyfriend is making lettuce wraps for dinner and I'm really excited. It consists of Seaoned chicken, cheese, and veggies all wrapped up in a leaf of lettuce. It's healthy and he is an amazing cook so I know it will be delicious.

Shell250 01-25-2010 01:23 AM

Originally Posted by JenniferAld (Post 1698)
Opps... I DID mean 1,500... which I think I can do pretty easily. I just have to TRY. Anyhow, I need to work out again. It's been two days of nothing and if I don't start back again tonight I will not wanna work out... ever.

My boyfriend is making lettuce wraps for dinner and I'm really excited. It consists of Seaoned chicken, cheese, and veggies all wrapped up in a leaf of lettuce. It's healthy and he is an amazing cook so I know it will be delicious.

lol Oh good, if you meant 150...well, that would not be good healthy eating at all!! :) :) I have decided to aim for 1500-1800 per day right now. Still a good deficit for me, and seems reasonable for right now. Mmm, supper sounds good!

kathietaylor 01-25-2010 02:18 AM

Sounds like most of us survived the weekend without messing up too badly. I did really well this weekend. Kept my food intake in check, in fact today I am still 300 calories away from my daily target, so I get to have a snack tonight!

I got on the treadmill yesterday for 20 minutes and today for 27 minutes. It isn't much, but at least I have gotten started, now I will just have to up it day to day. I made a big pot of vegetable chicken soup today, very low in fat, calories, carbs...but high in was yummy!

I am going to aim for for 1400 calories, my nutritionist says 1600 but I feel that is too much, so I am going to compromise between my original target and hers! I was really tired this morning, but it passed after my time on the treadmill....go figure, exercise and get energized! the rest of the day was great.

Is everyone ready to start the new week tomorrow?

showmenow 01-25-2010 02:51 AM

Iwent to the store today and the muffin mixes are 2.99. I also got a box of the cornbread mix- it was 1.99. I can't recommend it since I haven't tried it yet but the muffins are excellent. The muffin mixes they had were blueberry, banana, cranberry, and apple cinnamon.

If anybody wants some, let me know and I will get them. I can probably ship a bunch of them fairly cheap by parcel post or a flat rate box.


JenniferAld 01-25-2010 03:12 AM

Kathie- Are u kidding me? 27 minutes? If it is 27 minutes more exercise today then what you were doing before then it's a lot. (Just saying)

I accomplished my goal today. I stayed just under 1,500 calories and dinner tasted beyond good. :p And then we went to the fitness center and I did 35 minutes on the jogging machine (burned 370 calories on it) and then went back to the fitness center to do more when Johnny went back to work and did another 18 minutes on the treadmill (burning another 160ish calories) and then did some weights. I feel amazing! Seriously.

kathietaylor 01-25-2010 04:23 AM

Jen, you dropped another pound!!!!
You brat!! Weighing in again!! LOL!! GOOD JOB!! Seriously, I was joking, that is excellent and I weigh in often myself.

Your workout makes my little walk on the treadmill sound pretty pathetic! LOL!! But hey, it IS 27 more minutes than I did before, so it has to help. I will step it up as I go!

You are doing GREAT! Keep up the good work!

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